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Welcome to our article on the 09Evo steam cleaning machine, the secret to deep cleaning of environments and vehicles. If you need an effective solution to remove dirt, bacteria, and bad odors, then you are in the right place!

The 09Evo steam machine uses the power of steam to deeply clean both indoor environments and vehicles. With its advanced technology and numerous accessories, this machine can reach even the most difficult corners, while eliminating germs, allergens, and stubborn stains.

What makes the 09Evo steam machine so effective? It combines the functions of injection and extraction, meaning that once hot steam is injected into surfaces, it dissolves the most stubborn dirt, while the integrated suction system extracts the dirt, leaving surfaces perfectly clean and dry.

Moreover, the 09Evo steam cleaning machine is eco-friendly and environmentally conscious, as it allows thorough cleaning with significantly less water. For example, washing a car externally at a roller car wash typically uses about 150 liters of water. With our 09Evo, only about 3 liters are needed!

Additionally, DettaglioAuto has developed a line of completely biodegradable and anti-allergenic detergents to use with the 09Evo. Discover more about the 09Evo steam machine and transform your cleaning into an easy, fast, and efficient experience.

dettaglioauto car body detergent

Advantages of Steam Cleaning

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Steam cleaning machine offers numerous advantages over traditional cleaning methods. Firstly, steam is a natural and powerful cleaning agent that does not require the use of harmful chemical detergents. This means that not only will you have a clean environment or vehicle, but you will also contribute to protecting the environment.

Additionally, steam, combined with our detergents and technique, can deeply penetrate surfaces, removing germs, bacteria, and allergens. It is very useful for deeply sanitizing sofas, mattresses, and carpets. This is particularly important for those with allergies or who need a clean and sanitized environment, such as in hospitals or kindergartens.

Another advantage of steam cleaning is that hot steam dries quickly, reducing drying times for cleaned surfaces. This is particularly useful when cleaning vehicles, as it prevents water accumulation in seats or carpets which, if excessively wet and left closed in the vehicle, can produce mold and bad odors.

Features and Functions of the 09Evo Steam Cleaning

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09Evo is equipped with numerous features and functions that make it a versatile and efficient device. Here are some of the main features:

  1. Voltage: 220 V – 3.5 KW
  2. Steam pressure: 10 bar
  3. Water tank volume: 10 liters
  4. Detergent tank volume: 5 liters
  5. Integrated injection and suction system: the machine is equipped with a steam injection and suction system that allows drying of cleaned surfaces.
  6. The vacuum is suitable for both solid and liquid extraction.
  7. The vacuum and steam generator can be separated into two independent units.
  8. Eco Power mode to reduce energy consumption, making it suitable for domestic use.
  9. Adjustable water jet mode.
  10. Adjustable detergent injection.
  11. Versatile accessories: the 09Evo comes with various accessories including brushes and hoses that allow it to adapt to different surfaces and cleaning situations.
  12. Compact and manageable design: the steam machine is designed to be compact and easy to handle. Dimensions: 70x50x90h without the vacuum mounted, with the vacuum the height reaches 160cm.

09evo Steam Cleaning Machine

Using the 09Evo Steam Cleaning for Domestic Environments

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09Evo is ideal for cleaning domestic environments, allowing you to remove dirt, bacteria, and odors quickly and effectively. Here are some of the most common applications of the steam machine for domestic cleaning:

  1. Floor cleaning: with the help of a specific accessory, the 09Evo can be used to clean tile, wood, or laminate floors. The powerful steam and pressure allow for quick and effective removal of dirt and stains.
  2. Carpet cleaning: carpets tend to accumulate dust, allergens, and stains over time. The 09Evo can be used to deeply clean carpets, effectively removing dirt and odors.
  3. Hard surface cleaning: the steam machine can be used to clean hard surfaces such as furniture surfaces, bathroom tiles, and stainless steel surfaces. The powerful steam and pressure effectively remove dirt and bacteria.
  4. Appliance cleaning: the 09Evo can be used to clean appliances like ovens, refrigerators, and washing machines. Steam can quickly and effectively remove dirt and food residues.
  5. Upholstery cleaning: mattresses, cushions, sofas, armchairs.

Steam Cleaning Machine on windows

Steam Cleaning Car Interiors with the 09Evo Steam Machine

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Here’s what you can clean with the 09Evo and its specific accessories and detergents for car interiors:

  1. Seats and upholstery:
    Steam, accessories, and our specific detergents allow for effective removal of dirt and stains, including the most stubborn stains like organic ones (food, fruit juices).
  2. Leather and Alcantara
  3. Floor mats and carpets
  4. Dashboard, doors, and plastic parts
  5. Windows and mirrors

09evo Steam Cleaning Machine on seats

Steam Cleaning Car Exteriors with the 09Evo Steam Machine

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Cleaning the exterior of a car can be just as important as the interior, and the 09Evo steam machine is perfectly suited for this task when paired with the appropriate accessories and detergents. You can clean:

  1. Car body
  2. Rims and tires
  3. Windows and mirrors
  4. Plastic parts

09evo Steam Cleaning Machine on rims

Steam Cleaning Other Vehicles with the 09Evo Steam Machine

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09Evo not is only ideal for cleaning domestic environments and cars, but it can also be used to clean other vehicles. Here are some examples of vehicles that can benefit from steam cleaning with the 09Evo:

  1. Campers and caravans
  2. Boats and ships
  3. Motorcycles and scooters
  4. Forklifts and agricultural machinery

Conclusions on the 09Evo Steam Machine: The Ideal Solution for Deep Cleaning

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The 09Evo cleaning machine is the ideal solution for deep cleaning of environments and vehicles. Thanks to its advanced technology, this machine offers impressive results, removing dirt, bacteria, and odors quickly and effectively on any type of surface and material.

The 09Evo is environmentally friendly, using very little water and no harmful chemical detergents. This makes it a safe choice not only for the environment but also for your health.

Choose the 09Evo steam machine and transform your cleaning into an easy, fast, and efficient experience. You will not be disappointed with the results! Discover more on our online shop!