Car interior sanitization, steam machine advantages

Did you know how much time do we spend inside our car? According to ACI statistics, in Italy we spend an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes per day equivalent with 22 days a year. Keeping the cabin clean is important even for your health and for this reason every car needs efficient interior sanitization.

Car interior sanitization, the steam works all year round

As you all know the traditional car interior cleaning stops during winter. Normally their system heavily wets the seats surfaces causing a longer drying phase. Due to the incorrect drying procedure, this could entail the development of mold and bad smells.

car interior sanitization

No worries! These problems have a solution: the steam cleaning! Instead the steam cleaning system won’t wet the seat surfaces and will get rid of the filth thanks to the high temperature of the steam combined with our detergent application. To summarize you will be able to sanitize your vehicle without damaging your health.

As we said before the steam cleaning removes any kind of filth, even the deepest one if combined with our specific eco-cleaners. Actually the high temperature allows you to go deep into the surfaces and guarantees a more effective result, thus completely sanitizing the veichle.

Car interior cleaning products by DettaglioAuto

These important benefits are possible thanks to the development of our products used with steam. In order to respect the environment, all of them are biodegradable and they don’t contain any allergenic or toxic raw material. Here follows a list of our product line.

Interior car eco cleaner

Our product is diluted to 5% (1:20) and used with a steam machine model wich is able to inject/suck the detergent. It can work on any kind of dirt, even the deepest one, respecting the surfaces.

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Glass and dust biodegradable eco cleaner

Our product is self drying and doesn’t produce any ring on the surfaces after the application. Clearly this feature is essential to have an optimal result. You can apply it on any kind of glass, crystal, laminate and on both glazed and chromed surfaces. Moreover it cleans without leaving traces of grease on plastic surfaces, such as dashboards or door panels. Consequently you just need a cloth to remove the filth.

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Car perfumer

Contrary to the common car perfumers, this product doesn’t release a fragrance linked to plants, trees or fruits. It deodorizes the environment leaving a pleasant fragrance free of allergens.

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