Exterior steam car wash: advice and suggestions

The car exterior steam car wash is becoming increasingly popular in Italy. The main reason is undoubtedly the lower use of water compared with the traditional roller car wash. We live in an age were to save our planet the “little things” can make the difference, so trying to save water is a great starting point.

In this article we will try to show you the various necessary steps for an effective car cleaning. With our guide everyone can get closer to the “steam world” and help us to share our idea of car wash of the future.

Exterior steam car wash: necessary equipment

First of all it’s useful to know the equipment necessary to carry out a good exterior car wash. Starting from the steam machine up to the microfiber cloth, here’s a useful list for those who are approaching this area:

exterior steam car wash
  • Steam machines: thanks to our experience in this field we developed a machine that offers to the user maximum comfort and praticality. The biggest problem was the weight, but now our machine IMEX09-EVO weighs about 20 kgs and it is equipped with wheels to ensure manageability. Another important feature is the possibility to fill the machine tank with water even while the machine itself is working. This considerably reduce the waiting time during the car wash. Finally it’s important to know that a pressure of 6-8 bar is enough to get a good result. It’s not necessary to increase the pressure, but to use the correct combination of steam machine, technique and good detergent.
  • Detergent: as we said a good detergent is essential for a great result. Our SWS product is totally biodegradable and therefore not aggressive. Just a small dose diluted in water (10 ml in 1 liter) guarantees a straordinary effect.
  • Microfibre cloth: this product is essential to finish the job perfectly. It’s suggested to use a 60x50cm cloth so you can fold it and use one face to remove dirt and the other to dry it. In addition a cloth with a medium-long spinning lenght guarantees a better result. Our cloth respetcts all these standards.

Advice for a great result

Once you have all the necessary equipment, it’s essential to know the metodology to follow to get an optimal result. Below we will try to give some practical advices by dividing the work phases in points. The procedure for a steam car wash is divided into 4 points:

  • First of all spray the steam on the car body to remove any dry residues and dust. This allows you to work later with the detergent on a less dirty surface.
  • At this point the steam and the SWS detergent mixed up together and we are going to cover the complete area with it.
  • Now with dry steam it’s necessary to pass over the area and with a microfiber cloth remove the dirt.
  • Finally dry the area thoroughly with a clean cloth

If you need more informations about steam car wash and you are interested in our services, take a look at our page and fill the form. DettaglioAuto will answer to any question and curiosity.