Car engine wash: why is it important?

Are you among the millions of drivers who don’t know they can wash the engine of their car? Don’t worry because it’s not as common a knowledge! Yet washing this part of your car is also very important for its maintenance. In this article we will explain the advantages and also the methodology to be used to get the best result.

Car engine wash: the advantages

Even those who are aware of this service are rather sceptical about doing it. The first thing that comes to mind is that going to wet engine parts could damage it, causing an early breakage. In fact, cleaning the engine is not as simple as washing the car body, but with the right tools you can do the job without falling into danger.

car engine wash

Sometimes you hear that having a clean engine means that you want to hide something, because all traces of leaks have been removed, but that’s just nonsense. The truth is that cleaning the engine makes it easier to check for fuel or coolant leaks.

Moreover, working on a clean engine is much more comfortable and it will help you avoid getting full of grease after putting your hands on. Finally there is also the aesthetic aspect, a source of pride for a driver who cares about his/her own car. This will also allows selling the car at higher price when you want to replace it.

Where to go for the wash?

As we said, washing the car engine is not an easy process. For this reason, it’s highly recommended to consult a car service expert. DettaglioAuto is able to provide an efficient work , because our technicians are aware of the right processing techniques. The steam is used to clean the engine thoroughly and it works on the surface of the powertrain , the compartment and the inside of the hood.

We complete the work with the application of a specific product that is able to rejuvenate the engine and protect the plastic surfaces. In this way we can avoid its deterioration of it which, due to the continuous exposure to the weather, it is often a source of problems due to lack of maintenance.

DettaglioAuto provides the car engine a steam wash service as well as many other services for the car care. Find out all our solutions!