Car detailing, not just a car wash

Car detailing is the best service you can offer to your car. It’s not just a simple car wash but rather an accurate care of every detail. With this service you can make the car look younger by fixing even those small defects immediately imperceptible at first glance.

This process includes all those actions that aim to restore the original appearance of the car both internally and externally. Moreover there are actions that allow the surfaces to remain protected for a long time after the treatment.

History of car detailing

The phenomenon of car detailing has its origins in the United States, where over 40 years ago this form of art was born to preserve the originality of the car components and paintings thanks to a careful and constant maintenance.

In Italy there were only traditional roller car washes and nobody thought that cars could be treated more in detail. The Imex Serve company initially decided to find an alternative solution to car wash, proposing a steam car wash. This allowed saving a lot of water and therefore having a lower environmental impact.

Over the years Imex has realised that steam could be used even for car detailing and so DettaglioAuto was born . The development in this area led to the implementation of the 09EVO steam machine, specifically designed for car wash and sanitization.

Car detailing phases

As we already said, the attention to detail requires a careful and thorough work. For this reason every driver has the opportunity to decide in which part of his/her car he/she wants to invest and can choose the service that best suits his/her needs. Below there is a list of the various services provided by DettaglioAuto:


Washing is used to remove road dirt , insect residues and everything that damages the look of the car. If necessary, the DettaglioAuto technicians put a pre-washing detergent before the washing. This product allows removing the most intense dirt without damaging the surface and can be used both for exteriors and interiors.


After washing and careful drying, decontamination is carried out. This process is essential for the success of any further car detailing treatment. Indeed decontamination removes impurities that cannot be removed by washing only.

This phase is made up of two steps: chemistry and mechanics. During the first one special products are applied, such as the Prix GT, which gets rid of iron residues on the bodywork, or the TG cleaner for resin and tar residues.

The second one is the mechanical, during which you use the clay bar or a special glove that remove contaminated parts. This process is longer and if you do it with the glove it’s necessary to to carry out the polishing immediately afterwards, because it’s very aggressive towards the bodywork.


The most articulated phase in car detailing is the polishing. The process takes time and a lot of precision in order to get the best result. Polishing restores the car body to its former glory.

The first step is the application of the abrasive paste with which you can remove all the signs and scratches of small entities, the infamous swirls. Then we move on to the application of the polish paste that allows you to regenerate the body and give it that depth of color and shine as if it were new.


Once polishing is completed, we move on to the application of the products necessary for the surface protection. These products create a protective layer that shields the car from UV rays, atmospheric agents and pollution.

DettaglioAuto offers all these services dedicated to car care. If you need more information visit our page.