Car polishing, the detail that makes the difference

Car polishing is becoming more and more in syntony with the body shop industry. So far it has been considered as a service of surround, necessary only to remove imperfections due to painting. Now even the body shops have understood that polishing is a fundamental service to offer their customers and that’s why the car detailing sector is growing so fast.

Car polishing, the top service of car detailing

For the car enthusiasts there is nothing better than a car that smells like a brand-new and has a shiny and brilliant body. With proper polishing, the car will shine again and all small imperfections and scratches caused by wear over time will be eliminated.

car polishing

This service in carried out by professionals, because a bad polishing can worsen the condition of the surface instead of improving it. Polishing the car doesn’t mean simply passing the wax or a polish paste. It is a complex operation that consist of several phases.

How to polish correctly

There are several steps to follow carefully in order to get an optimal car polishing. To start, you need to decontaminate it using two specific products: the Prix GT to remove iron residues on the bodywork and the TG Cleaner for resin, tar and glue residues.

Once this is done we use the clay bar or a special glove to remove the contaminating particles still present after the previous phase. After this step we are ready to carry out the real polishing. We start with the abrasive paste thanks to which we can remove all the small marks and scrathces. Finally we use the polish paste that allows us to give depth to the color and restore the brilliance on the car surface.

We would like to point out that in order to get a good car polishing it is absolutely necessary to apply a good bodywork washing and drying. For this reason, steam is the perfect tool, since it ensures a strong degreasing action and allows achieving more thorough removal of dirt.