Car interiors sanitization: Steam Clean Lda brings steam to Mozambique

DettaglioAuto supplies many Italian and foreign companies with its products for the car interiors sanitization and for car exterior washing. The idea of changing the traditional car wash method is embraced by more and more companies and the results confirm the quality of this service.

An example directly comes from Mozambique, where Steam Clean Lda works in the capital city Maputo using our products, especially for interior cleaning , since 2014. Orlando Settimelli, the owner of the company, decided to bring the innovation of steam car wash to his country after seeing the incredible results after treatment.

The importance of DettaglioAuto brand

The mission of DettaglioAuto is to bring the idea of changing the concept of car wash all over the world. Getting a result that fully satisfies the customer and at the same time respects the environment are features on which we base our entire work.

Steam Clean guarantees an higher quality service in Mozambique thanks to the use of our 09EVO-Junior kit designed specifically for the car interiors sanitization. This machine is easy to handle and allows you to work in total comfort.

The use of an Italian brand machine has allowed the company to acquire high credibility from their customers. The DettaglioAuto brand is synonymous with quality and reliability, as confirmed by our certificates.

Growth thanks to the results of car interiors sanitization

Since 2014 Steam Clean has had exponential growth resulting from the satisfaction of customers who have seen their car return to new. This has allowed them to gather a team of 25 people who take care of the car detail cleaning in Maputo. The collaboration with Entreposto company, which represents car companies such as Mercedes, Peugeot, Volvo, Isuzu and Toyota in Mozambique, is invaluable for them.

car interiors sanitization

We are supporting this fantastic projectin order to help it grow even more, which will help us to spread our idea of car wash of the future.