Car wash franchise: the solution for everyone

Nowdays the number of people who decide to rely on franchise to start their own business is growing a lot. Thanks to a more or less substantial investment, you can open your own business without being left alone.

DettaglioAuto has created its own affiliate program, that allows everyone to join the car wash industry, even those with no experience.

This is one of the major strong point. Anyone can set up his own car wash franchise since the franchisor will pass on all their knowledge and provide valuable support during the contract.

Franchise: benefits for our affiliates

It’s not easy to evaluate which is the best solution because there are many offers in every type of sector. Below we’re going to illustrate the strong points of our affiliate program, which allows everyone to set up their own car wash franchise.

car wash franchise
  • Minimal investement: the mobile affiliation proposal foresees an entrance fee of only 3.500€. In addition to the initial training course, it also includes the complete kit to start the services.
  • Comprehensive training: compared to many offers on the market, DettaglioAuto offers to its affiliates a three-day training course. We show them the working procedures and the use of steam cleaning techniques. In addition to the basic course, detailed courses such as polishing, nanotechnology and smart repair are also available.
  • Exclusive area: the affiliate will have the exclusive use of the brand in its area of competence.
  • Dedicated advertising: the franchisee won’t have to worry about looking for customers on their own. DettaglioAuto offers the management of advertising campaigns both on Google and on social media such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Eco-sustainability: last but not the least, DettaglioAuto offers its services by using 100% biodegradable products that don’t have any impact at all on the environment. In addition, choosing steam allows avoiding the waste of water, which is common in the traditional car washes.

Possibilities for automotive experts

As well as for private individuals, setting up a car wash franchise can be a valuable resource for those who are already in the car industry. Let’s take tire dealers as an example. As is all know, this sector receives a large amount of work at specific times during the year, while in the remaining months they face a dramatic decline.

Offering this service would allow you to increase the number of customers and make happy those who already bring their car for the usual tyre change. Thanks to the steam machine designed by DettaglioAuto, you don’t need a huge space to establish your car wash. Another benefit is that you don’t have to get special licenses to wash the cars or worry about investing in waste disposal facilities.

In addition to tyre dealers, car body shops, car showrooms and garages can also benefit a great deal. A customer whose car looks like brand new is an happy customer and consequently more inclined to retain their loyalty.