Headlights restoration: advice and suggestions

All car brands and models are affected by the phenomenon of the opaque headlights. This problem is caused by the long exposure to the atmosphere agents, especially the UV rays and the high temperature during the summer, by the pollution and even by the surfaces treatment with aggressive products. Car manufacturers use the polycarbonate as material, given that it offers to the drivers more attractive designs. The research of aesthetic perfection has a problem respect respecting the old headlights made of glass, because the polycarbonate is a truly sensitive material and over time tends to turn yellow.

Headlights restoration: how to do it

People may think that the headlights restoration is just a matter of aesthetics. Instead, it’s really important to take care of this detail for security reasons. As it’s easy to understand, going around with completely opaque plastic headlights, doesn’t allow the light beams to lighten the street in the correct way. This could cause a ticket and you could have problems during the car’s inspection.

For these reasons it is highly recommended to pay attention to the headlights conditions and rely on professionals to bring them as new. DettaglioAuto, in addition to many other car washing services using steam, provides the headlights restoration to ensure maximum quality. There are three ways to bring the polycarbonate surface as new:


This process starts by applying sandpaper to remove the opaque layer. After that we use the polishing machine with the cutting disc and the sandpaper to give the brilliance back to the surface.

headlights restoration


The first step is the same, with the use of sandpaper. Then we apply a degreasing product to fully decontaminate the surface and finally we repaint it with a transparent paint that is able to give shine back to the carbody.

Headlights restoration by crystallization

This new technique gives us amazing results after some tests. Here’s how it works: first of all we check the headlight condition. With standard conditions we use the sandpaper on the surface and we fully remove the opaque layer. During this process it’s important to frequently clean with a cloth to remove all the dust residues.

Now we apply a degreasing product to decontaminate the surface and get it ready for the last step. By using crystalliztion of the polycarbonate, the opaque headlight will bring as new and thanks to a protection treatment the result will be longer than a normal polishing.