Steering wheel restoration: how to renew its surface

DettaglioAuto is not just a steam car wash. Our mission is to take care about of each part of the customers’ cars so as to bring them to their original condition. The steering wheel restoration is another service that we offer and that aims at satisfying an important demand of the market.

It’s a common knowledge that the steering wheel is the most stressed part of the car. Our hands dirty its surface during every trip and the continuous steering to the right and to the left causes an unavoidable deterioration. Surely even your steering wheel has in some parts, those most used, a deterioration on the leather, plastic or rubber.

So the question of the motorists who care about their car is: how do you make a steering wheel restoration? Below we will explain the technique used by DettaglioAuto that guarantees an high quality result.

Steering wheel restoration, how to do it

First of all we would like to underline that for this service it’s highly recommended to address to professionals. Given that it’s not an easy task, DIY could increase the damage already present on the surface.

steering wheel restoration

Now, let’s move on to the processing method. First of all our technicians evaluate the initial condition of the steering wheel and they start by washing the surface using steam and our detergent that allows to remove dirt thanks to its degreasing power. Working on a clean surface is essential to get the best result.

Once the steering wheel is clean they can start sanding. This allows to level the worn parts with the intact ones and to create a uniform area on which to apply the paint. If there are any holes on the wheel surface, it’s necessary to use a specific liquid rubber that will act as a filler.

After this step, we identify the original colour to be used for repainting and we carefully proceed with it. This work requires attention to detail because an incorrect application of the paint would cause a poor result, or even uneven and short lasting results.

Finally we apply many layers of transparent varnish to create an extra layer on the new surface. The work is completed by letting the varnish dry, in order to grip on the surface well allowing it to last for a long time.