DettaglioAuto opens in Riyadh thanks to Pattern Car Care

DettaglioAuto and Pattern Car Care work together, to promote the steam car wash in Saudi Arabia as well. We are delighted that Mohammad and Nawar, the company’s owners, have decided to join our family because, like us, they want to turn the traditional car washes into eco-sustainable ones. That is to reduce the water waste and eliminate the use of aggressive chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

Pattern Car Care was born as hand car wash, providing its services in the capital city of Riyadh. After a long search the owners decided to turn their company into the first DettaglioAuto point in Saudi Arabia.

Pattern Car Care, let the mission begin!

pattern car care

Our collaboration began in March, when the training course was directly held in Riyadh. We taught Pattern Car Care employees how to use the 09EVO steam machine and how to perform our services. The course lasted from March the 2nd to the 6th and from that day the company started to provide the steam car washing to all the motorists in Riyadh.

In Riyadh the rain is practically never seen and the cars are frequently covered with the sand due to the proximity to the desert. Therefore they require a detailed car care, so as to mantain their surface brilliant. It’s from this need that the collaboration with Mohammad and Nawar begins. They have seen in DettaglioAuto a partner able to provide a complete solution to best satisfy their customers.

This is how the first corner in Saudi Arabia was born which we expect to add more to, in order to increase the coverage of services. Our mission is to make our steam car wash service well known in all Gulf countries, thus contributing to a significant reduction in water waste.

For more details about our affiliation program, please visit our dedicated page!