Car wash franchising, the complete solution offered by DettaglioAuto

Setting up a car wash franchising is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a business on their own. This sector knows no crisis and indeed, according to the data reported by Autopromotec, it is growing more and more.
In January, DettaglioAuto began to propose its own affiliation program that so far has given great results.

During these months, three new companies in Italy and one in Saudi Arabia have begun to provide the services of steam car washing. In addition to offering an eco-sustainable service and no environmental impact, the strength of our program lies in the wide range of services available.

Car wash franchising, what we offer

DettaglioAuto proposes a solution that doesn’t stop at the simple car wash. Our experience in the field has led us to study a package that offers customers a 360 degrees treatment. So as not to be obliged to turn to other professionals to complete the work of the car aesthetic preparation. All this is possible thanks to a training course that will guide the franchisee throughout the duration of the contract and that will allow him to become a professional in the field of car detailing.

In addition to the basic training course, the members of our network will carry out even more courses to expand their knowledge and to be able to offer new services in their area.

car wash franchising

Polishing: one of the most important services requested by our customers. With this treatment it’s possible to bring back to its former glory the body of a vehicle by removing those small scratches called swirls. In addition, thanks to the products of our line, we are able to guarantee surface protection for a long time. 

car wash franchising

Smart repairs: a very popular service, since, during the lifespan of a car it’s inevitable that a seat can be damaged by a cigarette or that a fissure can be created on the leather. Knowing how to repair these types of damage is essential for those who want to offer a complete service to their customers. Thanks to our training course, the franchisee will be able to renew the surfaces of the seats as well as of other worn parts such as the steering wheel and the handles.

The importance of offering more services for a complete solution

All this aims to establish the franchisee on the market as the only provider of services for the aesthetic care of the car. This uniqueness makes us different from any other proposal of car wash franchising, which is limited at the usual, simple car washing and doesn’t cover all the other problems that are often present inside or outside a vehicle. 

Joining the DettaglioAuto network is easy and thanks to our proposal, everyone can find the right solution. From private individuals who want to set up a new business, to those who already activate in the automotive industry and consider expanding their range of services.

Discover all the details of our affiliation program and become a professional in car detailing!