Steam car wash: from 2007 to the present day

The steam car wash sector is growing fast in Italy. The efficiency of the service and the ability to respect the environment at the same time, has attracted many investors and the centers that use this system are muliplying. For those who are interested in looking for relevant information, we want to clarify who was the first to introduce the use of steam for cleaning cars in Italy. Even if we don’t consider it a crucial data, for the record, we would like to let you know that our company was the first to start the test in 2007. Here are some videos from our Youtube channel, showing the first test of steam car wash:

The history of steam car wash in Italy

For 10 years we have invested a lot of resources to perfect our equipment and techniques, to test the efficiency, to organize the system efficiently and to be sure to propose a complete solution in all aspects. The uniqueness of the product, the certification, the organization of the technical and commercial support are just a few examples.

Other companies have grasped the idea by immediately creating proposals for franchising, in our opinion too recklessly. According to our company’s choice we have initially chosen to take care of the content, giving the right time to develop all aspects related to such an important project. In particular, we have focused on the environmental impact, which has always been at the top of our values and priorities. This commitment has allowed us to provede a service that uses products classified as “not dangerous”. In addition to respecting the environment it is important to know that the health of those who work there and of our customers is also safe.

steam car wash

In this page you can also view the certification regarding our system of sanitization of car interiors.

We notice scepticism about franchise, often due to very attractive offers as an image, but then proven to be poor in content and organization. We consider franchise as a valid networking tool to build a winning project. For this reason we invite all those interested in joining this sector to get well informed before choosing, carefully documenting and testing the franchisor’s honesty, his/her historical background and the content that he/she offers.

Our doors are always open for those who are interested in getting to know us and touching our proposal with their own hands. Here is the page where you can find our contacts. Click HERE.