Dettaglioauto at First Stop 2020 convention

On February 6 2020 First Stop, the Bridgestone group’s network which consists of more than 2000 tyre service and car maintenance sale points in Europe, held its annual convention at the Automobile Museum in Turin. The event was attended by all the dealers of the national network, around 150 from all over Italy, to whom First Stop presented the new Bridgestone products for 2020, the market trends and new supplementary services to expand the business in the territory. This year the topic of the convention was respect of the environment and eco-sustainability: “doing business, but at the same time making a contribution to safeguarding the planet.”

First Stop convention: the steam car wash

After a careful market analysis, First Stop has chosen Dettaglioauto as a new integrative service for its network, inviting us to participate and directly explain our solution of steam washing and car care. We accepted this invitation with great satisfaction and enthusiasm, for both sharing our values, since protecting the environment is our fundamental idea of work and every day we try to bring this idea throughout the world. and the opportunity to serve such a prestigious network.

fisrt stop convention

At the convention we first explained the difference between a classic car wash and a steam one. In terms of environmental impact there is a substantial reduction in the use of water (150 litres against only 2 litres for each single wash) and the elimination of aggressive chemical products, which are not included in our detergents.

In addition, we have demonstrated the great advantages that a tyre shop would have by offering car care services as well. First of all, it optimizes downtime during the off-season and by offering a quality service to customers, it facilitates the loyalty process. This allows it to strengthen its presence in the area and to become a reference point for the inhabitants of the area who can choose an innovative and eco-sustainable car care and cleaning service.