Car preparation for the sale: Car renewal by DettaglioAuto

The car preparation is fundamental for car dealers who want to increase the turnover of their car fleet. DettaglioAuto offers a complete service for the preparation of both brand new and second-hand cars, giving them an amazing appearance. Our service speeds up the sales and grants higher profit margins.

New cars preparation

All the brand new cars delivered to  dealers need a good preparation. For this reason DettaglioAuto service provides a steam exterior cleaning with a protective wax solution and, when needed, we offer services of de-waxing, decontamination from ferrous and resin residuals, interior vacuum and dust cleaning: mats placement, warning triangle and other accessories.

car preparation

DettaglioAuto’s car preparation service can be provided directly on the spot. That is an advantage for the car dealer in terms of time and cost saving. Moreover, the risk of unexpected accidents which can occur in handling brand new cars can be eliminated.

Second-hand car preparation

The accurate preparation of second-hand cars grants faster sell out with higher profit margins. That is why DettaglioAuto offers a 360° service solution: steam car wash, holograms removal, correction of small scratches on the car body and smart repairs, in order to repair small damage such as cigarette burnings, steering wheel renewal and car roof repair.

car preparation

Another important aspect is our car interior steam and ozone sanitization protocol, tested by the CSI/IMQ institute. Certainly adding the sanitization certification on a renovated car will have a positive influence on buyer’s decision making.

Last but not least, we would like to thank the following car dealers who recently decided to involve the Dettaglioauto service with their car preparation.

Concessionaria Pechini
Pechini Srl
Concessionaria CarforAuto
F.lli Carfora