The future of car wash: Slow Car Wash

History teaches us that the more revolutionary innovations are, the longer time is required to see the change, but when the transformation process starts, the change is unstoppable. 

In 2008, in Italy, we were the precursors of steam car cleaning, driven by the idea to change the car wash concept offering a new efficient method and a process more respectful to the environment. Twelve years ago no one believed that steam could clean cars and the service was not yet existing. Today we are even more convinced that we are on the right path!
We believe in people being sensitive to ecological issues, there is an increasing awareness of the advantages that the “steam car cleaning” can bring to vehicles and their owners.

Car wash has always been considered to be the last in order of importance in the chain of car services.

Our target is to change this misconception since car cleaning is a service that must be given its proper value, especially in the historical period we are going through, for this reason the first important rule is to operate in dry, clean, tidy and well-lit locations.

Autolavaggio tradizionale ad acqua         Autolavaggio del futuro

Car wash industry

The industry has been already focused on reducing processing time in order to increase the profitability by looking for technical solutions to wash the largest number of cars in the shortest time possible. This has pushed technology towards even more powerful equipment capable of delivering high volume of water at high pressure (the average consumption of the pressure washer is 10 Liters / Minute vs 0.10 Liters / Minute of a steam machine) and the installation of even more automated tunnels and very aggressive chemicals.
As a result, the environment has been the first to pay the high price!
In our opinion this trend should change as soon as possible. Some countries have already introduced water rationing rules. In the summer of 2017 also the municipality of Rome risked to rationalize the water to its citizens and put in place strict controls on the regularity of the car-washes. (Read the article on “Il Giornale” of July 2017)

Moreover, we shouldn’t forget that the use of aggressive chemicals heavily pollutes the groundwaters if the washing plants are not provided with a proper recycling system according to the most updated safety standards. These products can give a quick acceptable result but in the medium long period they tend to dull the paint and degrade the surface materials.

“SLOW CAR WASH” The future of car wash

The new car wash concept of the future is a great revolution since it proposes a rethinking of the service in a more eco-sustainable way and at the same time more performing in terms of results and duration. (read more)

We feel to be following the same path as the Slow-food movement has taken in the field of nutrition. The markets are different but the concept is the same. In the food sector, Slow-Food is trying to raise public awareness on a more responsible choice of consumption, in order to encourage local production with techniques that respect nature, thus choosing to return to tasting the traditional flavors while respecting the fundamental environmental principles.

Just as in nutrition also in car wash it is necessary to sensitize public opinion to a more conscious choice. In our sector, we believe it is important to curb UNJUSTIFIABLE water waste as well as the use of aggressive chemicals. The new steam technique allows to reduce water consumption from 150 liters to 2 liters to wash 1 single car and to use only rapidly biodegradable detergents.


According to the SRM 2017 report (Studi Ricerche Mezzogiorno) the per-capita daily water consumption, in Italy, is around 241 liters. In other, North European countries the average is around 180-190 liters. The figure is sobering if we compare it to the average water consumption of 150 liters just for washing a single car.

The steam car cleaning is hand-made by a professional who has got the Diploma after having participated in technical training. Therefore, he knows which procedures to adopt according to each surface and materials of the car to be treated.

Autolavaggio del futuro

A new frontier

Our concept of the car wash of the future is a real job opportunity to be seized as it allows us to offer services that are difficult to find on the market and much appreciated by motorists. In particular, we refer to car interior cleaning and reconditioning.

Autolavaggio del futuro         Autolavaggio del futuro

Some traditional car washes still use the cold injection and extraction system for washing car interiors. This method has limitations because, in order to obtain decent results, the seats and upholstery must be very wet and if these surfaces do not dry well, the risk of humidity formation inside the car is very high, having as a result the proliferation of mold and bad smells. Many times the excess of chemical solution used is not completely removed and this can cause halos that emerge once the surface is completely dry. The injection / extraction washing service cannot be performed in the winter seasons due to the excessive humidity generated.

The new steam technique uses a specially designed, eco-sustainable solution that allows washing, stain removal and sanitizing, thanks to the thermal shock given by the high temperature, with a very quick drying time. Steam, which by its nature is a natural degreaser, manages to restore surfaces to their natural color, renewing the appearance of the entire passenger compartment.

Autolavaggio del futuro         Autolavaggio del futuro

The steam cleaning of the car exteriors is performed with a solution which is also rapidly biodegradable based on natural Carnauba wax which gives a lasting shiny effect, much more durable than a traditional wash.

The difference compared to a traditional carwash can also be seen in the details as the steam is able to clean the corners and the most difficult to reach gaps.

Autolavaggio del futuro         Autolavaggio del futuro

Another highly appreciated service by motorists is the steam cleaning of the motor. The increase in electronics in cars has made it impossible to wash the motor with pressurized water! With steam you can perform this service in total safety, restoring the motors to their original splendor. Keeping the motor clean, promotes greater control over its condition and preserves materials and components from deterioration due to the heat of the motor and accumulated dirt.

Lavaggio del motore a vapore         Lavaggio del motore a vapore

Value for money

Just as the case for Slow Food has been, where the quality and price of the product is recognized, compared to Fast Food, the new Slow Car Wash also differs in quality and price from the Traditional Car Wash for the same reasons.The average price of a traditional car wash can range from 8 to 15 euros. The handmade one with steam starts from 15 to 35 euros depending on the category of the car, the conditions and the location. 

The price difference also lies in the timing of the service: the average time of a traditional car wash is about 15 minutes, thanks to the power of the pressure washer and / or the automated tunnels. With the new steam technique it takes about 30 minutes to wash a car by hand, with greater attention to detail thanks to the technicians’ preparation.

Each of us has the power to change things, even the choice of where and how to wash the car can contribute to making a difference for the environment, for your car and for yourself. We will continue to be dedicated in our commitment to grow our Network to bring the car wash of the future ever closer to you.