Pet hair removal: professional car wash

Those who transport with their pets in their car have the constant problem of pet hair, which covers every surface. The pet hair removal requires a specific technique and equipment, that is why the interior cleaning of a car covered with them takes a longer time than a normal interior car wash.


Your car is covered in pet hair? We are not afraid!

We strongly suggest regular cleaning in order to prevent the pet hair accumulation in areas difficult to reach!
We have experienced various cases, some of them were very hard: in fact, in some cases, we had to remove the panels in order to clean the surfaces behind as well.

pet hair removal   pet hair removal

Our cleaning techinque

Pet hair can cause bad odours, that is why it is really important to completely remove them before performing a steam interior cleaning.
The pet hair type determines the right technique to use to get rid of it: Short pet hair is shaggy and more difficult to remove than long one.

pet hair removal   pet hair removal

Moreover, people that get in your car may be allergic to pet hair! That’s another reason why regular cleaning and sanitization is important.
We suggest pet hair removal once in two weeks, but this actually depends on how much hair your pet loses.

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