The new DettaglioAuto product line

In the last 6 months we worked hard and achieved an important goal: we developped the new DettaglioAuto product line.
In addition to our equipments and detergents we are now able to offer a complete product line to take care of you car entirely.

DettaglioAuto products DettaglioAuto products
Cosmetic, Decontamination, Polishing and Nanotechnological products, all you need to achive a professional result!

This amazing result has been achieved thanks to the huge effort of our technicians and also thanks to our Arabian partner, CEO of the DettaglioAuto headquarter in Saudi Arabia. After a long and careful research on the market we developped a product line that guarantees high quality standards. This are products that are very easy to apply but that guarantee long lasting and professional results.

According our company policy we tested all the products in order to obtain the best results for our customers. Moreover, we haven’t forgot the environmental and security aspect, we following the current laws in force!

Polishing Pastes

polisging paste


The polishing pastes are made with water, there are no solvents, actually they respect the environment and save time during the final cleaning and finishings steps .
We studied 3 polishing steps and a One Step polishing product for those situations that are not that damaged and require just one passage!

1- Hard Cut with yellow pad: for very hard and damaged situations.

2- Gloss Cut with orange pad: perfect as “One Step” solution.

3- Deep Gloss with white pad: in order to obtain a shiny and glossy effect.



Cosmetic Products

cosmetics products

While studying this products we considered the needs and the preferences of our customers.

As an instance we offer to kind of black tires: one with a matt finish, for those who prefer the effect of a “brand new tire”, and one with a shiny finsh.

We considered also the duration of the effects, we guarantee a long lasting result and protecion.

Nanotechnologiacal products

nanotechnological products

Our nanotechnological products have been studied in order to guarantee a long lasting protection.

Starting with the raw materials we developped a product that is easy to apply and combined with our manteinance services they guarantee professional results.

During our polishing and protection courses you will be taught how to prepare the surfaces and how to apply the nanotech correctly.


Watch the video to see one of the tests done with one of our nanotech products!
Products soon available on our shop!