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Guide to Successful Car Detailing Business with DettaglioAuto

30 March 2024
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Advantages of Our Innovative Car Detailing Business DettaglioAuto's Vision What Does Our…

Car protective films: What They Are, Benefits, Cost, Warranty

26 March 2024
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Benefits of Using Car Protective Films Types of Car protective films How…

Complete Guide to Car Wrapping and PPF Film

22 March 2024
TABLE OF CONTENTS: What is Car Wrapping? What is PPF Film? How Long Does Car…

New Opening at DettaglioAuto: New Car Detailing center and Car Wash in Bologna

17 March 2024
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Why DettaglioAuto Makes a Difference? The Benefits of Professional Car Washing and…

Paint protection film for cars: a car protected from any kind of damage.

14 March 2024
TABLE OF CONTENTS: The advantages of using paint protection film for cars Intallation process of…

How to Polish Car Headlights: Discover the Best Method

6 March 2024
TABEL OF CONTENTS: Importance of headlights and their maintenance Causes of yellowed and opaque headlights…

Car Wash Near Me: Discover How to Keep Your Car Shining

28 February 2024
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Importance of Regular Car Washing Advantages of Our Steam Car Wash Service…

How to Change Your Car’s Color: Discover the Best Method

20 February 2024
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Types of Car Color Changes: Wrapping, Repainting, Colored PPF Why Colored Paint…

How to Remove Scratches from Your Car: Best Way to Restore Paint

8 February 2024
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Paint composition Types of Scratches and Defects on the Car DIY Methods…

Differences between car wrapping e ppf films: material, duration and costs

1 February 2024
INDEX: Introduction to Car Wrapping and PPF Films Differences between Car Wrapping and PPF Films…

Car paint protection: how to keep your car brand new over time

24 January 2024
INDICE: Common causes of car paint damage Importance of car paint protection Conclusion: What is…

How to wash your new car: Keep it shiny and protected

19 January 2024
INDEX: Why is car washing important? How to wash your new car: Tools and proper…

Professional car interior cleaning: cost and service steps

10 January 2024
A professional car interior cleaning service provides a comprehensive and effective solution, giving the cabin…

PPF: Complete Protection for Porsche 991

5 January 2024
Full protection service with Paint Protection Film (PPF) for this Porsche 911 Turbo. Following our…

Paint Protection Film PPF: a shield against stone chips and scratches

2 January 2024
If you want to delve deeper, visit our dedicated page or contact us to receive…

Price of nanotechnological treatments for cars: everything you need to know

19 December 2023
Have you ever wished to protect and make your car shine like new? Thanks to…

Best car detailing products: discover the DettaglioAuto line

27 October 2023
Are you a car enthusiast? Do you like to keep your car always perfectly cleaned?…

How to clean the car seats: discover the steam cleaning system

11 October 2023
Your car seats and upholstery show stains or halos? You have no idea how to…

Car polishing: advantages, costs and steps

3 October 2023
Don’t you agree that seeing a damaged and opaque car paint makes you feel uncomfortable?…

How to choose a car detailing center

20 September 2023
Are you looking for a car detailing center but you don't know how to choose…

PPF application – SCUDO Paint Protection Film

13 April 2023
If you have a passion for car detailing you have already heard about PPF application.…

Environment friendly car wash: Italian TV show interviews us

31 March 2023
It was a great surprise when Matteo Viviani, reporter for “Le Iene” show, called us…

Car interior repairs: fix car seats, steering wheel and more

22 February 2023
As time goes by everything and everyone gets older, your car too - its appearance…

Car polishing products: which ones guarantee the best result?

13 December 2022
Would you like to perform a professional polishing service to achieve an incredible result? Well,…

How to fix a damaged or unglued car headliner?

5 October 2022
It might happen that your car headliner needs to be replaced either because it is…

Car engine cleaning: when to do it and how

23 September 2022
There are different reasons why you should consider cleaning your car engine. On the one…

Headlights polishing: how to obtain the best result

17 June 2022
You are probably wondering is it possible to renovate the polycarbonate to bring my car…

Sell secondhand cars: boost your sales with car detailing

16 May 2022
Nowadays it’s very common to reinvest part of a business profit in ads on tv,…

Nanotechnology protection in the car detailing sector

2 May 2022
Nanotechnology is a term that is everyday more and more used to talk about science…

Car detailing: what it is and what services does it include

22 April 2022
With the term car detailing we refer to a series of techniques of sanitization, polishing…

Steam car wash: the solution against water waste

12 April 2022
Car wash is an essential service for Italians. According to a market analysis carried out…

Car interior sanitization: steam car wash advantages

12 April 2022
Did you know how much time do we spend inside our car? According to ACI…

Car detailing franchising: find out the DettaglioAuto opportunity

4 April 2019
DettaglioAuto is glad to present our new car detailing franchising! In the past years we…