DettaglioAuto offers a solution to any kind of need, whether you’d like to expand your range of services, or you’d like to set up a new business offering our car cleaning and car detailing services in a point of sale or mobile.

Joining the DettglioAuto franchising, you will receive a complete and exclusive kit to start your new business: professional formation courses, machines and exclusive DettaglioAuto products, furnishing, advertisement and continuous technical and sales help.



You don’t need any authorization or license.


You don’t need any waste disposal plant.


There is not a minimum product purchase.


We do not ask for a percentage of your business income, but only a fixed monthly fee.


You can start to work in a couple of weeks after the contract signing.


Low investment and high income.


Highly professional services, there’s a specific course for each of them.


High customer retention rate thanks to the “wow” Effect of all our services.


Innovative services, our quality has no competitors.


Services available all year round that can be scheduled.


A business that cares for the environment.



If you already have a business in the car field, for example if you are a car dealer, a tire dealer, or a mechanic, with DettaglioAuto you can expand your range of services, improving the customer retention rate and acquiring new clients. How? Joining our car detailing franchising. Dedicate a corner of your shop to our car cleaning and car detailing services, we suggest a space of 6×4 mt. You don’t need any building works or waste disposal plant, we will provide you with a specific kit to furnish your corner and to immediately start offering our new services.

PROS: Increase your income thanks to the cross-selling, the customer satisfaction, the customer retention and raise the number of your actual clients.
CONS: An employee must be available as a DettaglioAuto services supervisor.

Point of sale

If cars are your passion, trust us to transform your passion into your dream job and join our car detailing franchising!
We’ll take care of everything, you just need to find a nice location to start your new business with us. DettaglioAuto will think about advertising, assistance, furnishing, formation courses, products and machines. Open your own DettaglioAuto point of sale and offer our exclusive, innovative and professional services in your exclusive area.

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    Discover our formation courses or our affiliates

    Formation courses

    Our courses are a significant part of our affiliation program. All our courses have been developed after years of research and development, in order to gain the best possible result from our services in terms of quality and profit.

    Our courses are the means through which we pass down our experience to our DettaglioAuto affiliates. Our first course is a 3 days base course which is included in the affiliation program. It is mostly a practical course but there are some theoretical parts: during the practical part the new affiliate is followed step by step by our experts to correctly execute all our passages on the DettaglioAuto procedure manual. The theoretical part concerns the marketing and sales aspect: the correct approach with the client, how to professionally explain our services, how to manage the social media and many other useful information to help the growth of your business.

    Base course


    We’ll teach you the correct procedures to use steam on the car interiors and our sanitization process; the exteriors (car body, windows, wheels, rims…); engine cleaning and car body decontamination. All of these by using our DettaglioAuto exclusive products. We will also show you how to apply some cosmetic products for example on plastics or leather.

    Duration: 3 days.



    We’ll teach you the right techniques to polish the car body, in order to obtain a professional result. Moreover you’ll be able to get rid of small scratches on the car body surface. The course will start with the preparation of the car body, properly washing it and decontaminating the surface. This is a key step in order to obtain an excellent result. Then, the car is carefully masked and then we proceed with our 3 polishing steps, using DettaglioAuto’s pastes and pads. Finally, specific protections are applied on the car body.

    Duration: 2 days.



    To enter the course, you need to have attended the polishing course, which is fundamental to prepare the car body and gain the best results from the nanotech products. In this course we’ll teach you all the steps to correctly apply our nanotechnology protections, specific for the car interiors and the exteriors

    Duration: 2 days.

    Smart Repair


    You will be taught the techniques to repair small damage on the car interior surfaces like plastic, leather and fabric.

    Duration: 2 days.

    Our affiliates can decide to expand even more their range of services simply by attending a course other than the base one. This will allow them to offer more services, useful for several companies in the car sector such as car dealers, garages etc...
    Soon after the course, you will receive a certificate which authorizes you to offer our DettaglioAuto services.