The car preparation is fundamental for car dealers who want to increase the turnover of their car fleet.


DettaglioAuto offers many car detailing services for companies for the preparation of both brand new and second-hand cars, giving them an amazing appearance. Our service speeds up the sales and grants higher profit margins.

DettaglioAuto offers a 360° solution, here follow our car detailing services for companies: exterior steam car wash, certificated interior sanitization, car engine wash, professional polishing, car roof repair (unglued and ruined roofs), interior repairs (replacement or repair of fabric or leather parts due to cigarette burnings, cuts… bleached or ruined plastic renewal holograms, steering wheel renewal and other), headlight restoration and nanotech treatments to protect car exteriors and interiors.

Moreover, DettaglioAuto’s car preparation service can be provided directly on the spot or we can pick up your vehicle and then deliver it back to you, thanks to our test plate.
That is an advantage for the car dealer in terms of time and cost saving. We take care of everything, from the logistic part to the final result of our services!


A single supplier

High quality services

It saves time and money, we take care of logistics

Incredible results

Less risks during the transportation

Renewed car appearance, thereby higher interest from potential customers

Faster and more profitable sell

Satisfied and more loyal customers

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