Replacement of the damaged headliner fabric, opaque and ruined headlight restoration and replacement or renovation of interior car materials.

Headliner restoration

unglued or ruined headliner restoration. The damaged headliner fabric is removed and replaced by a new one, you can choose the material and the color!

Here follow all the steps of this service:

  • Car headliner removal
  • Car headliner cleaning and application of fresh glue
  • New fabric replacement, you can choose a type similar to the original one and you can also choose the color
  • Car headliner fixing
  • From € 350

headlight restoration

Opaque or ruined headlight restoration, it brings back the original perfect transparency of the headlight.

  • Thorough wash of the headlights and masking
  • Through an abrasive treatment we are going to get rid of the yellow and opaque ring on the headlights
  • Re-crystallization of the poly-carbonate through a chemical process
  • € 150

Interior smart repair

renovation or replacement of leather, fabric or plastic ruined surfaces: holes, scratches, cuts, abrasions, bleached areas…

Here follow all the steps of this service:

  • Thorough cleaning of the part to treat
  • If necessary we remove the part that needs to be repaired
  • Renovation or replacement of the material
  • Renovation starts from € 100
  • Replacement starts from € 180


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