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It was a great surprise when Matteo Viviani, reporter for “Le Iene” show, called us to schedule an interview regarding the water emergency topic. They were looking for companies who are trying to expand environment friendly business, systems and facilities and our environment friendly car wash system shocked them!

In the car wash field they decided to contact us to better understand our innovative solution. What’s better than a demonstration on the field?

Here follows the report aired, you can find our interview at minute 3 and second 50, but we suggest you watch it all, it lasts about 10 minutes.

For all our affiliates, this is an important message that supports our vision. We shouldn’t stop but keep going. Our environment friendly car wash system combined with our new nano protection and PPF services, will help us to make another step forward in reducing the number of car washes, simplifying them and maintaining our customers’ cars always perfectly cleaned.

Steam car wash cleaning on windshield