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You are probably wondering is it possible to renovate the polycarbonate to bring my car headlights to their original appearance? Not so long ago the car headlights polishing could have been done with discrete results, but recently, thanks to new methods and products entering the market, headlights can go back to their original appearance, guaranteeing terrific results.Let’s see how to restore the car headlights to make them look brand new.🚗 Read also: Sell secondhand cars: boost your sales with car detailing

Why do car headlights become yellowish?

There are various reasons that can cause a yellowish finish to your headlights, like: uv rays, rain, snow and other atmospheric agents, salt. Generally, the main cause is the alteration of the protecting film, and because of that, the porous surface of the polycarbonate helps the dirt and the acids to stick on it.

How to polish the headlights?

First of all you should perfectly clean them. We use our steam car wash method to do that, a high quality technique that guarantees professional results and that it is eco friendly, thanks also to our biodegradable detergents.The second step is to get rid of the yellowish finish through a step by step procedure that entails the use of sandpapers with finer and finer grain. Clearly, you need to properly cover and protect the surfaces close to the headlights.

Recrystallization of the polycarbonate

This is the last step in order to obtain a perfect headlights polishing and it is the most important one because it guarantees a better result than the one obtained through the traditional methods. To perform this last step you need our headlight renewal kit and you need to perform it in a non-ventilated environment, with a temperature of about 16 degrees. We also suggest asking to an expert to do that.More info? Do you need a quotation or would you like to join the DettaglioAuto team? Contact us!