Steam power, joined with our ten-year experience in the car sector, allows us to offer you the only certificated car interior sanitization on the market. We guarantee you A LOT MORE THAN A CARWASH!


   Every day we make an effort to guarantee an eco sustainable future. Our aim is to reduce the waste of water while washing our vehicles. How? Our steam machines use less water and at the same time give your car better results compared to a simple car wash. DettaglioAuto takes care of your car, your health and your future at the same time. 


Exterior Washing

   Car body detailed steam cleaning and decontamination, using specific biodegradable products. To conclude, we protect your car for a longer time, using a special protective wax

Interior Sanitization

   We sanitize the interior of your vehicle following the certificated procedure n° 0400/FPM/FOOD/17 CSI-IMQ using our biodegradable products. The sanitization will be completed with an ozone treatment.


   We remove all the swirls on the car body, bringing your car paint back to an excellent condition.

Wheel Treatment

   This service will remove little chips, scratches and scrapings on your wheel. Moreover we apply nanotechnological products for a long-lasting result  

Engine Cleaning

   Thanks to steam power, we clean the higher part of the engine, its compartment and the interior part of the hood. To conclude, we use a specific product on all the plastic surfaces to protect and restore them. 

Smart Repair

   We are able to repair cigarette burns, scratches and little cuts on seats and steering wheels made of leather, fabric or plastic


   Our nanotechnological products protect various kinds of surfaces such as the car body, plastics, glass, seats, leather...These products guarantee a long lasting protection.  



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