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Are you looking for a car detailing center but you don’t know how to choose the right one? This might seem like a challenge to you, but don’t worry, we are here to help you finding the right solution for your needs.

Car detailing centers usually offer more than just a simple car wash, like professional renewal services and long lasting protection treatments. As a matter of fact, the aim is to renew the vehicle appearance and protect brand new cars through the application of specific products.

When you are about to chose a car detailing center, there are a few aspects you need to take into account, like: its reputation, the employees experience, the quality of the products used and the quality of the provided services.

Moreover, you could give a look to the reviews and online evaluations in order to get an idea of what its previews customers think about it. All of this might help you making the right decision.
Do not take the risk of entrusting your vehicle to beginners. Read this article and find the car detailing center that the will take proper care of your car.

Black Range Rover inside our DettaglioAuto labBlack Range Rover after our polishing service

Why is car detailing important?

Car detailing is more than just a car wash. Indeed, it is a detailed process that aims to renew and protect the vehicle. It does not matter if it is new or second hand, car detailing wants to improve the car appearance and maintain its value through time.

What’s car detailing?

Car detailing involves all the professional services in which specific products and equipment are used to obtain high quality results on cars. We can define it as a beauty center for car since the aim is to improve and protect the vehicle appearance to obtain an excellent and long lasting result.

The advantages of car detailing

Car detailing helps you maintaining the value and the appearance of your vehicle through time. It protects your car from imperfections caused by atmospheric agents, polluting and chemical substances and organic and/or inorganic acids.

Another positive trait of car detailing services is that they make the normal car cleaning process much faster. Thanks to our specific protections your car will get a hydrophobic, anti-static and anti-halo layer. These features allow you to maintain your car cleaned for a much longer period and thus reducing drastically the number of car washes. Moreover, you will also reduce the water and energy consumption since you won’t need high pressure water to clean your car body. Our protections allow you to remove the dirt very easily, with a few water and effort.

Nano protection application on a car body

Car detailing services

There are different car detailing services available, each of them studied to satisfy specific needs. Here follow some of the most common:

  1. Car interior cleaning:
    This service focuses on the professional cleaning of all the car interior surfaces. The purpose is to renovate and sanitize the vehicle. the service includes also the application of specific products for each material (leather, fabric, plastics…).
    Check out our Interior renovation service.
  2. Exterior cleaning and decontamination:
    The exterior car wash should be performed by experts who know how to use properly all the products, equipment and techniques accordingly to the vehicle conditions.
    The exterior car wash might have different purposes, such as a decontamination wash: this aims to get rid of dirt like limestone, tar, rust and ferrous residues, which make the surface opaque and uneven to the touch.
    Check out our Nano Detailing wash.
    It could also be a maintenance wash, which aims to be fast but still maintaining its high quality results.The purpose here is to get rid periodically of the dirt that, if left on the car body for too long, might damage the surface.
    Check out our Express car wash.
  3. Engine cleaning:
    This service allows us to keep a cleaned engine over time and to slow down the normal aging of the materials. It is a very delicate service that is why it is important to make sure that the employee knows what he is dong, in order to avoid damages.
    Check out our Engine cleaning service.
  4. Car polishing:
    This service helps to get rid of scratches and/or halos on your car body. A professional polishing is made of different steps, the number of it depends on the condition of the vehicle. The service is concluded with the application of a wax that makes the car body even more shiny.
    Check out our Car polishing service
  5. Nano protection:
    Nano protections are a liquid product which can be applied either on interior surfaces like fabric, leather or plastics and on car exteriors like car body, glasses, plastics, wheels. Before applying it is very important to properly clean and decontaminate the surfaces. Once the product is applied, it spreads creating a barrier against atmospheric agents, extreme temperatures, UV rays, organic and inorganic acids. Moreover, it guarantees a long lasting hydrophobic, oleo phobic and anti static effect.
    Check out our Nano protections
  6. PPF – paint protection film:
    Nowadays, the PPF application is the most advanced protection technology on the market. PPF is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), it is a super thin and transparent “shield” to apply on the car paint. PPF protects the car body against anything that can damage the car paint. Moreover it is self healing, meaning that if the film gets scratched, it self repairs thanks to the sun heat.
    The film has also a hydrophobic, oleo phobic and anti static effect that protects against atmospheric agents, extreme temperatures, UV rays, organic and inorganic acids.
    Check out our

How to choose the best car detailing center?

Application of our polishing gloss cut paste on a polishing pad

When you need to choose a car detailing center you need to take into account a few aspects. Here follow six steps that might help you understand How to choose a car detailing center:

  1. Search for car detailing centers close to you
    You can start by searching for the closest detailing center on the internet or by asking for an advice to your family, friends or colleagues.

  2. Discover what services the detailing center offers
    Analyze the services that the center offers and compare them to the points cited before. In this way you will make sure if they are real car detailers or if they offer only a car wash service.

  3. Check out their customers’ reviews
    This could help you get an idea of the quality of the offered services. Look for honest and detailed reviews that provide good explanations of the customer experience regarding both the service and the interaction with the employees. Consider also the ratings, this could also help you understand if the positive reviews outnumber the negative ones, or not.

  4. Visit the center
    Before making the final decision, we suggest you vising the center physically. Observe the general appearance of the center, check out the cleanliness and organization. Ask for information about their products and equipment. Speak with the employees and value their knowledge and their availability in answering your questions.
    Please remember that in this kind of job, organization and cleanliness ar etwo of main traits a car detailing center should have.

  5. Prices and service packages
    Ask for a quotation to understand what services are included and which are not and also to understand if there are any added costs.
    Do not be enticed by low pieces, remember that a professional car detailing center has higher costs than a traditional work, because of man power, formation costs, professional equipment, high quality car detailing products and so on.

Conclusion and a few more suggests

Take the time you need to carefully examine the car detailing centers close to you, do not rush things. Car detailing services represent a small investment for the protection of your car over time, that is why it is so important to give your car to professional detailers. Make the right choice helping yourself with the previous steps, the real detailers will treat your car as if it is theirs.