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If you’ve just purchased a new car, you’re undoubtedly eager to keep it consistently shiny and protected. Knowing which services to perform or some tips on how to properly wash your new car is essential to maintain the appearance of your vehicle over time. In this article, we’ll outline the external car washing services to carry out, how often to repeat them, and how to maintain them for a consistently polished and protected car.

Additionally, we’ll advise you on protective treatments to apply, safeguarding the bodywork before it deteriorates on the road.

Dirty new carNewly cleaned car through steam car wash service

Why is car washing important?

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If you’ve just bought the car of your dreams and want to know how to wash your new car safely and effectively, you’re in the right place!

Opting for a professional car washing service can help keep it clean for a longer time, reducing the frequency of washes and the risks of scratches, holograms, and dullness. Moreover, professional services apply specific products at the end of the wash to not only refine cleanliness but also protect surfaces from deterioration caused by weather and pollutants.

Professional car washing delves deep into removing contaminants like rust, tar, resins, bird droppings, and insects that, if not removed, can penetrate the paint’s glossy layer, causing dullness.


How to wash your new car: Tools and proper products

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Steam cleaning equipment for exterior car washingDettaglioAuto uses steam generated by the 09EVO machine, coupled with the specific Vapor Brill detergent containing carnauba wax, and dedicated microfiber cloths for external car washing. This combination effectively removes dirt, leaving a shiny and lasting finish.

Steam exterior car cleaning detergentIn 2008, we were the first in Italy to use steam for car washing, aiming to significantly reduce water and aggressive chemical consumption. Today, we continue to promote an innovative and professional car washing method that is also environmentally friendly. Read more.

Professional car washing vs. DIY

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Relying on a professional to wash your car may seem initially expensive, but a careful cost-benefit analysis dispels this belief. In fact, professional car washing significantly reduces the frequency of washes, protecting the car from potential risks mentioned earlier.

On the other hand, if you’re an enthusiast and prefer washing the car yourself with the right tools and products, you can explore our car detailing products. However, it’s crucial to follow and understand the correct washing procedures to avoid causing unforeseen damage to your car.

Our professional car washing services

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If you’re wondering how to wash your new car effectively and safely, discover our two professional car washing services:

Nano Detailing Wash

Professional exterior car washing serviceA comprehensive and detailed wash that removes all contaminants such as rust, tar, limescale, resins, and bird droppings from surfaces. Starting with a detailed manual steam wash, the operator identifies the most affected areas for subsequent treatment through mechanical actions and the use of specific products.

After obtaining a perfectly smooth and decontaminated surface, a nano-protective spray is applied, protecting the work done and providing a hydrophobic effect (lasting a minimum of 6 months).

This protection reduces the car’s susceptibility to dirt, slowing down deterioration caused by weather and pollutants. The service also includes a general interior cleaning.

Discover the cost and details here.


Express Wash

How to wash a new car using steam cleaning servicesA service aiming to be quick without compromising the quality of a hand wash. The goal is to periodically remove dirt, which, if left for too long or not cleaned correctly can oxidize the surfaces. It is also recommended as maintenance after Nano Detailing or after a nanotechnological protection treatment or film application. This wash helps maintain the shiny and smooth surface, prolonging the hydrophobic effect and thus preserving the car’s aesthetic appearance. The service also includes interior vacuuming.

Discover the cost and details here.


Which washing service to choose and how to maintain it?

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For new customers, we recommend the Nano Detailing Wash as the first service. This allows technicians to decontaminate a used car and assess the actual condition of the bodywork, intervening where necessary before protecting the completed work. For a new car, this treatment also provides light protection through its hydrophobic and oleophobic effect.

After this initial treatment, we recommend an Express Wash every two months. If you want a quote, click here.

How to wash your new car avoiding DIY mistakes

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During DIY car washing, it’s important to avoid some common mistakes that could damage the paint and bodywork. Some of these include:

  1. Using imperfectly clean tools, such as sponges, cloths, or dirty and rough brushes that can scratch the paint.
  2. Washing the car with the bodywork too hot or under direct sunlight, which could cause streaks or paint dullness due to the chemical alteration of the products used.
  3. Using overly aggressive products that could damage the paint.
  4. Not rinsing the car thoroughly, leaving chemical residues that could oxidize the bodywork.

Protective service for your new car

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In addition to regular washing, there are some protective treatments you can apply to your car to keep it shiny and protected over time. Currently, there are two types of car protection on the market, and DettaglioAuto can offer both. Here are the following services:

Nanotechnological Treatment:

An effective protection against the natural degradation of surfaces over time caused by pollutants, atmospheric agents, and organic and inorganic acids. It makes the bodywork hydrophobic and anti-static, enhancing the color and shine of the paint. Nanotechnology, with its properties, reduces the number of washes, facilitating the cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle.

Learn more in our dedicated article on nanotechnological protections.

Applying nanoceramic product on a car

Protective PPF Film:

Currently, in the car market, PPF protective film is the most resistant and effective protection. It ensures total protection against stones, scratches, and anything that can mar the bodywork. Additionally, it can self-heal with simple heat exposure; just expose the car to the sun or the heat from a hairdryer, and the film will regenerate instantly.The protective film provides a hydrophobic and anti-static surface, drastically reducing the number of washes and facilitating the cleaning and maintenance of the vehicle.

Read more in our article dedicated to the application of PPF protective film.

Application of paint protection film PPF on a new car

Conclusion: how to wash your new car, maintaining its appearance over time

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Washing your new car correctly is crucial to keeping it shiny in the long run. Opting for professional washing services allows you to enjoy a clean and impeccable car, avoiding common mistakes from DIY methods that could cause unforeseen damage.

Additionally, we highly recommend one of our protective treatments, especially for new cars. These treatments protect your car from potential damage and reduce the number of washes, making maintenance easier over time. As mentioned earlier, the application of the protective film ensures 360° protection compared to nanotechnological treatments. To understand the differences precisely and receive a free quote, click here and fill out the form with your details. Our experts will contact you as soon as possible.


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