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When we talk about maintaining a car, we mean protect it from possible external damages. That is why the nano ceramic coating for cars are becoming everyday more and more popular between car enthusiasts.

Thanks to this modern technology the nanoparticles spread on the surface and create a barrier that protects the area against atmospheric agents, extreme temperatures, uv rays, organic and inorganic acids. It guarantees a long lasting hydrophobic, oleophobic and anti static effect and it improves the brightness of your car paint.

Investing in a nano ceramic coating service for your car might seem expensive, but you need to consider it as a long term investment for the protection of your vehicle. Actually, thanks to it, not only you protect your vehicle, preserving its value over time, but you will also save money since your car will need fear and fewer car washes. Thanks to the nano protection application your car won’t get dirty very easily, making you save money and time in the future.

Protect your car thanks to nanotechnology and enjoy the peace of having a perfectly cleaned and shiny car everyday. Your investment will be totally worth it!

What is nanotechnology used for in the car sector?

There are different purposes of nano ceramic coating for cars, each of them is studied specifically to protect interior or exterior areas of the vehicle. As an instance, here follows a list of our nano ceramic coating for cars:

Car body and plastics

nano ceramic protection on black car bodyThe nano ceramic protection for the car body are the most popular ones. Our nano coating product makes the car paint stronger, guaranteeing a protection against:

  • Superficial scratches
  • Dirt,
  • UV rays,
  • atmospheric agents,
  • Extreme temperatures

It makes it easier for you to clean and maintain your car. Moreover, it improves the brightness of the car paint, donating a silky effect to the touch.


nano ceramic protection on rimsIn this specific case the nano ceramic protection is pretty useful to avoid the brake dust to attach on the rims. This is a typical situation on every car and this is what causes black and dirty rims. If the brake dust is not properly cleaned it can damage and oxidize the surface. Our nano ceramic product for rims guarantees an hydrophobic layer and a shiny effect.

Car windows

nano ceramic protection on car windows The nano ceramic application on windshield and all the car windows helps water to glide better to the surface, thus reducing the usage of windshield wipers which might ruin the surface. Moreover, the hydrophobic effect avoids the formation of limestone on the glass.

Interiors – fabric, plastics and leather

nano ceramic coating for cars' interiorsEven though not everyone knows that nanotechnology can be applied on the car interiors, we are here to tell you that we offer a specific product for the car interior materials like fabric, upholstery, leather, plastics. The nano ceramic protection creates a hydrophobic and oleophobic shield that protects the surfaces. Moreover, our product protects the surfaces against bacteria and germs thanks to its self sanitizing characteristics through heat.

In conclusion, there are different kinds of nano treatments for cars available on the market. Each nano coating product is studied specifically for a car area, what service to choose depends on your needs. Give a look to all our nano ceramic coating for cars and their prices on their dedicated page.

Pros and cons of nano ceramic coating for cars

Here follows a list of the pros and cons of the nano ceramic protections for cars:


  • Long lasting protection on all interior and exterior surfaces against atmospheric agents, extreme temperatures, uv rays, organic/inorganic acids, polluting agents, excrements, insects
  • Less car washes are needed: your vehicle will remain perfectly clean for a longer time
  • Faster and easier car maintenance: once you applied a nano protection you’ll be able to clean your car much faster, you’ll just need a clean cloth
  • It preserves the monetary value of your car over time


  • The high cost: Broadly speaking, the nano ceramic services are more expensive than the traditional polish and wax application on a car. However, as we already said before, it is important to consider it an investment for your future. Thanks to the nano protection’s long lasting duration you will be able to protect your car against external damages, reducing the probability of higher costs to fix them
  • It doesn’t protect the car against scratches and stone hits: these kinds of protections do not protect your car against important damages like deep scratches. It can protect only against superficial scratches, like those created by the dust that hits the surface while driving

If you are interested in a protection against scratches and stone hits, give a look to our  Pain Protective Film – PPF.

To conclude, the price of nano ceramic services might seem a bit expensive but you need to consider the many advantages it bring s to you in the longer term.

Nano ceramic coating for cars application: DIY or car detailing center?

When we talk about the application of nano protection on a car, there are usually two possibilities that people consider: do it by themselves or relying on a professional car detailing center. But, which is the best choice? Let’s analyze what’s the best option in terms of quality of the result:


If you are a car enthusiast and you like taking care of your car by yourself, you might consider applying nano protection by yourself. Thus you will save money and you can also enjoy the process.

However, unless you are an expert in this sector, we feel discourage you from doing it. It is important to understand that the application of a nano protection entails experience and expertise.

Nano ceramic protections are chemical products, and if you do not know their composition and how to properly apply them, you might risk ruining the surfaces. Moreover, the car preparation steps are fundamental, either you are treating a brand new car or a second hand one. you need to prepare the car so that:

  • it guarantees a perfectly cleaned and decontaminated surface
  • the car body needs to be free of scratches or any kind of flaw
  • the car is perfeclòty polished
  • the products used do not alternate the nano ceramic product.

Moreover, the application of nano protection requires the right environment, protected from external contaminants like dust or insects. It is better if it is a well-ventilated area but protects, in order to avoid contamination that might compromise the final result.

if you do not follow all these passages, the nano protection won’t be able to guarantee you all the above mentioned advantages. The result you will get will be you having spent tons of money on expensive nano products to obtain a mediocre result.

Choose a professional car detailing center

As a company that exists on this market for 20 years, we suggest that you trust only experts in this sector. A detailer specialist has the experience and the right equipment to perform the service in the best way possible, guaranteeing excellent results and avoiding unexpected mistakes that, in the worst-case scenario, might badly damage the treated surfaces.

However, it is fundamental to choose wisely the car detailing center. Make sure to trust only car detailing specialists, with a good reputation. We suggest that you carry out research, read reviews and ask for advice.

 Car nano coating price

The nano coating application price might vary according to different factors, such as:

  • The type of nano ceramic protection you choose
  • The car size,
  • The car initial conditions
  • The protection duration.

On average, the cost of a car nano application service can range from 100€ to maximum 2000€. If you are interested we show our prices on the dedicated page on our website.

nano ceramic coating for carsHow long does nano coating protection last?

Broadly speaking, every nano coating product guarantees its own time duration, there is no standard warranty for these products.

Our nano ceramic protection guarantees a duration from 2 to 3 years. However, the nano duration increases if you pay attention to a few aspects, for example, if you want to make your car body nano protection last longer, we suggest that you book once every 4 to 5 months our Nano detailing car wash.

Conclusion: Invest in nano ceramic coating for cars is totally worth it

Thanks to their formula, these nano application services can last years, protecting all your car area against external agents and contaminants. Moreover, these treatments improve the appearance of your vehicle, keeping it clean for a longer period: your car interior won’t get stained anymore and the car body will be perfectly protected from dirt and superficial scratches, donating brightness to the car paint.

This is an investment that will help you spend less money on car wash and maintain the monetary value of your car over time. What are you waiting for? Contact us to receive a free quotation. Fill out the form and one of our experts will get back to you ASAP!