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Would you like to protect your car’s body from scratches and abrasions with an extra touch of style?
The car Paint Protection Film is the solution for an integral protection from damage caused by debris impacts, typical stone-chips on the hood, accidental bumps and continuous degradation due to weather conditions.

At the same time, DettaglioAuto’s paint protection film enhances the aesthetic appearance of your car, maintaining a consistently new and impeccable look over time.

Introduction to car paint protection film

Paint protection filmThe Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent film made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). It is highly resistant to scratches caused by debris impact and gravel. Additionally, the film, thanks to its high hydrophobic effect, protects the paint from natural deterioration over time due to weather elements, pollutants, insects, acids, and resins.

Another important feature of the protective film is its self-healing property, if the film gets scratched, it can self-repair through the heat of the sun.

Advantages of using car paint protection films

Using the car paint protection film offers numerous advantages. Here are some of the main ones:

  1. Protection against scratches and abrasions: The paint protection film can shield the car’s surface from stone impacts and abrasions.
  2. Resistance to weathering and pollutants: The paint protection film is designed to resist UV rays, rain, wind, smog, tar, glue, ferrous residues, etc. Over time, your car’s body will remain like new, free of damaged or faded areas.
  3. Maintenance of the car’s value: Using a car protective film can help maintain the value of your vehicle over time. The film protects the original paint, preventing scratches and damage that could decrease the car’s market value.
  4. Easy cleaning: Paint protection film is easy to clean and requires less maintenance than the original paint. A simple wash is enough to remove dirt and keep your car shining.
  5. Customization without altering the car’s aesthetics: Paint protection films are available in different finishes, allowing you to customize the look of your vehicle. You can choose a glossy or matte finish or even enhance your car’s color with a pearlescent or iridescent film.
  6. Durability and warranty: DettaglioAuto’s paint protection films have a 10-year duration, and at the end of the service, we provide our customers with a warranty certificate. Moreover, with proper maintenance, the car protective film can last beyond 10 years from its application.

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Where can car paint protection film be applied?

Car protective film can be applied to all external painted elements, and internally, it can be applied to displays and all smooth surfaces.

Application of protective film on the car bodyApplication of protective film on the interior carbon fiber plastic of the car

Which cars can the PPF be applied to?

The primary purpose of the car paint protection film is to preserve the vehicle’s original paint over time. We at DettaglioAuto recommend applying the protection film to new cars, just out of the dealership, to protect the car immediately before it is hit and damaged by the first impacts with gravel and debris on the road.

The paint protection film (ppf) can be also applied on used cars. It will be necessary to prepare the surface perfectly with a professional polishing before proceeding with the application of the film.

Car Paint protection film installation process

The installation of a paint protection film requires a climate-controlled environment and cleanliness to avoid contamination between the film and the car body during the application process. The installer must have the necessary technical skills and specific equipment to perform a perfect job.

Application of paint protection film on a BentleyThe general steps of the installation process are as follows:

Surface preparation: Before applying the film, the car’s surface must be cleaned and decontaminated. This ensures better adhesion of the film.

Film cutting: The film is cut to fit the various parts of the car. This can be done manually or using a film cutting machine.

Film application: The film is applied to the car’s surface using a soapy solution that activates the adhesive layer of the PPF.

Finishing: Once the film is applied, finishing touches are made to ensure a clean and professional appearance. This includes cutting any excess film and sealing the edges to prevent dirt buildup.

Tips for maintenance and care of car protective film

Maintenance washing for the paint protection film

DettaglioAuto advises its customers to perform a steam wash when necessary through our Express Washing service. It also suggests performing Nano Detailing maintenance washing once every 4 months, averaging 3 washes per year.

Nano Detailing service is useful for maintaining all the properties of the protective film, especially its hydrophobic property, which is reinforced through the application of a spray Nano protective to ensure consistent water repellency over time.

Additionally, DettaglioAuto customers who have applied our PPF can enjoy a special discount on our external washing services.

If the customer wishes to wash it themselves, we recommend using water and mild soap. It is advised to avoid the use of:

  • high-pressure washers
  • aggressive chemicals

Misinformation about paint protection film

There are some misconceptions about car paint protection films that we would like to clarify:

Paint Protection film is NOT wrapping

PPF is designed exclusively for protecting the car from stone chips, scratches, and all the agents listed earlier. Wrapping does not have the protective, water-repellent, and anti-yellowing properties typical of PPF, but it aims to change the vehicle’s aesthetic look by altering color or pattern.

Paint Protection Film does NOT alter the car’s appearance

High-quality protection film can be applied in a way that remains invisible, maintaining the car’s original appearance. Additionally, the customer can choose to apply protective films with a matte, pearlescent, or iridescent finish, allowing for vehicle customization without drastic changes. In the future, colored protective films will also be available.

Protective film is NOT difficult to remove

The paint protection film is not difficult to remove if done by a skilled technician. It is recommended to contact the same installer who applied the PPF protective film.

Paint protection film is expensive

Car Paint Protection film is not cheap, but it helps save money in the long run by avoiding costly paint repair interventions and reducing the frequency of washes as the car stays cleaner thanks to the film’s hydrophobic and oleophobic properties. Additionally, the added value that the film can give to your vehicle by maintaining its market value over time should be considered.

It is difficult to clean a car protected by protective film

On the contrary, a film-protected car is much easier and faster to clean. As mentioned above, we discourage the use of high-pressure washers. A filmed car does not require a large amount of water and high pressure to be washed; water and mild soap or a damp cloth are sufficient to remove dust and dirt without damaging it.

Comparison between different car protection services

We have created this table to visually compare different protection services available on the market. It can be seen that the most comprehensive service in terms of protection and beneficial properties is the Protective Film, PPF (Paint Protection Film).

Comparison table between automotive paint protection film and other protection servicesIf you are interested in seeing our work, visit the post dedicated to the application of protective film on a Bentley.

Conclusions: Is paint protection film worth it?

Car protective film is a smart investment that should be recommended to all customers preparing to purchase a new car before hitting the road. It preserves the car’s market value over time and adds that extra aesthetic touch that makes a difference. A real shield that allows you to use your car without the worry of damaging it. If you want to delve deeper, visit our dedicated page or contact us to receive a quote, click here.

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Application of paint protection film on a PorscheApplication of paint protection film on a Porsche