Professional polishing to bring your car paint finishing to almost brand new. We remove all the imperfections on the car body.

Professional polishing

  • Detailed exterior car wash with our biodegradable detergent, which guarantees a long lasting shiny effect.
  • Car body decontamination with Iron Remover which gets rid of limestone, rust, glue and tar.
  • Steam rinse with our detergent for the exteriors.
  • 3 polishing steps, according to the car body condition:

HARD CUT 0°: Highly abrasive paste to remove the hardest scratches.

GLOSS CUT 1°: Abrasive paste to remove small scratches and at the same time to guarantee a great polishing result.

DEEP GLOSS 2°: It gets rid of halos and small scratches, it offers a deeper color to the car paint and a shiny effect.

  • PRO WAX 3°: It is a protective wax for the car paint, it guarantees a long lasting effect and it is water repellent. It creates a thin but strong film which protects the surface from atmospheric agents and it guarantees a shiny effect.
  • Tire Black or Tire Gloss application. The first one guarantees a matt finish and the second one a glossy and shiny effect.


2/3 days

depending on the vehicle conditions.

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