PPF- Paint Protection Film

Our Scudo Protective Films installation.

They are a real shield against scratches, stone chips, gravels and all the things that could damage the surface of your car! They protect against chemical substances, organic and inorganic acids, polluting agents and UV rays.

They’ll make your car paint stand out!


The protective film is made of thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU), a material highly resistant to abrasions and chemical agents. Nowadays, the PPF (Paint Protection Film) guarantees the best and most efficient protection for your car paint; in fact, thanks to its self-healing features, the film is able to get rid of scratches and micro-scratches caused on its surface using the sun heat or with the help of a thermal dryer. Moreover, thanks to its hydrophobic features, it eases the sliding of water for a long lasting cleaning and it reduces the number of washes for a good car maintenance.

The Scudo films are characterized by high resistance and duration, actually they have a 10 years warranty!

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The main Scudo Protection Films features:

  • Hydrophobic
  • anti scratch and chip stones
  • self-healing
  • Anti-yellowing
  • Resistant against chemical agents
  • More brightness to the color
  • It eases the maintenance and cleaning
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Our packages 

Our packages 

Our packages 

Our packages 

Our packages 

Semi Front Pack

  • front bumper
  • outside mirrors
  • ront headlights
  • car handles
  • luggage loading threshold
  • door sills

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Full Front Pack

  • hood
  • front bumper
  • front fender
  • outside mirrors
  • front headlights
  • front pillars
  • car handles
  • luggage loading threshold
  • door sills

Collection and delivery of the vehicle at home, FREE!

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Complete Pack

  • All the exterior painted parts

Collection and delivery of the vehicle at home, FREE!

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Interior Protection Pack

  • All the selected elements

Collection and delivery of the vehicle at home, FREE!

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1. What does the 10 years warranty include?

DettaglioAuto gives a 10 year warranty on all our Scudo Paint Protection Films used to project the car paint. The warranty covers ONLY manufacturing defects or mistakes during the installation process, like the following damages:

  • unglued parts
  • formation of bubbles
  • yellowing

The Scudo paint protection films are designed exclusively for brand new cars.
The film should’t be installed on damaged or repainted cars. In the event of    unglued parts, it is important to report it to us by and no later than 5 days from its happening, since the dirt that gets under the PPF entails the entire replacement of the material, not a repair service. For any other kind of  damage we suggest reporting it immediately.

2. What will I receive after the installation?

You will receive a warranty certificate, signed by the CEO and you, the customer. It contains all the useful information like:

  • Car plate and model
  • What package you chose and what Scudo film has been installed
  • Mandatory check-up date
  • Stamp
  • Customer data
  • Warranty start and end date
  • CEO and customer signs
  • Number of washes suggested during the 10 years warranty
  • Warranty terms

3. What do you mean by mandatory check-up?

When the installation is completed, we will schedule an appointment for a mandatory check-up. It must be scheduled by and no later than 2 to 3 weeks after the PPF installation. The purpose is to check if the film has properly reacted to the outside solicitations and, if necessary, we will immediately solve potential damage. The date and hour of the appointment will be specified on your warranty certificate.

4. What do I have to do if something happens to the PPF?

In the event of one or more damage between those referred to and covered by the warranty, the customer has to immediately call the company and report what has happened to our technicians. They will help you schedule an appointment to check the kind of damage and repair it.

IMPORTANT: In order to enjoy the warranty rights, you need to come to the appointment with your warranty certificate

5. How long does the hydrophobic effect last on the Scudo protective films?

The Scudo PPF hydrophobic effect lasts for a maximum of 2 years. In order to maintain this feature over time (over 2 years) we suggest our nano detailing maintenance car wash. Useful for the proper maintenance of the PPF over time. We suggest a maintenance wash once every 4 months, for an average of 3 washes every year.

6. If I have an accident will the warranty cover the damage on the PPF?

The warranty does NOT cover damage caused by the customer! The warranty covers only manufacturing defects and mistakes during the installation process:

  • unglued parts
  • formation of bubbles
  • yellowing

7. What do you mean by “brand new cars”?

The Scudo protective films are designed exclusively for brand new vehicles, that is, the car body must be flawless. The PPF shouldn’t be installed on damaged (stone chips, scratches and other serious damage) or re-painted car bodies.

8. Why can’t I install the PPF on second-hand cars?

The PPF protects the car body, so its value over time. Installing the PPF on a damaged surface that shows chips stones and/or scratches, will compromise the final result: it will entail the formation of air bubbles under it and, in the event of film removal, pieces of paint might come off. Moreover, for the same reason, we highly recommend not applying the PPF on repainted cars.

9. Can I wash my car with hydro-jet?

We highly recommend you not to do it, since the high pressure generated might unglue the PPF in certain areas. You don’t actually need to use hydro-jet to wash your car because the PPF, thanks to its hydro-oleophobic features, will maintain your car clean for a long time and it will ease the cleaning process, making it much faster. With a humid microfiber cloth, your car shines again! However, if you really can’t help avoiding it, we suggest using the hydro-jet at a distance of at least 30 cm from the car body.

The detailer’s

  • How to maintain this service?
    We suggest a Nano detailing wash every 4 to 5 months, for an average of 3 washes every year. Discover why.
  • why choose our complete pack?
    we suggest our complete pack in order to have a total and complete protection of all the car exterior and interior surfaces

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