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Have you ever wished to protect and make your car shine like new? Thanks to nanotechnology, this dream can become a reality! In this article, we will explore the price of nanotechnological treatments for cars and provide you with all the necessary information to make an informed decision.

What is nanotechnology?

Nanotechnology is a liquid composed of microscopic particles called nanoparticles. Once the nanotechnological product is applied, these particles bond to the surface, creating a true protective layer. This layer acts as a barrier between the car’s paint and harmful external agents, ensuring a protected and hydrophobic surface.

Nanotechnological treatment products


Advantages of nanotechnological treatments for cars.

Nanotechnology treatments offer numerous benefits for cars.

Protection against:

  • Weather elements: rain, wind, sun
  • Pollutants: smog, rust, tar, resins, ferrous residues
  • Organic and inorganic acids
  • Temperatures and UV rays

In addition to the protection mentioned above, nanotechnology also provides a hydrophobic and antistatic surface. Thanks to its hydrophobic property, it facilitates and speeds up cleaning and dirt removal. Furthermore, through its antistatic property, it helps reduce dirt buildup, keeping the car clean for a longer period.

Among the many advantages, it also enhances the shine and color of the body for a super sparkling effect.

In summary, nanotechnological treatments for cars guarantee protection against weather elements and pollutants, facilitate vehicle cleaning, and enhance and protect the car’s aesthetics over time.

Visit our dedicated page for nanotechnological treatments for cars, click here.


Factors influencing the price of nanotechnological treatments


Cost of the nanotechnological product

The market today is saturated with nanotechnological products, ranging from cheaper to more expensive brands. When referring to nanotechnology treatments performed by professional car care centers, they must ensure an effective and long-lasting service. These centers do not use low-cost “do-it-yourself” products; instead, they use professional products that require a specific application technique, with costs reaching hundreds of euros.

Size of the vehicle

Larger cars require a larger quantity of nanotechnological product and a longer processing time.

Starting conditions of the car

Before applying the nanotechnological product to the external surface of a car, it is necessary to prepare it correctly through a decontaminating wash, followed by a good polishing service that eliminates imperfections such as scratches, swirls, holograms, opacity, stains, etc.

If it is a used car with many kilometers, meticulous preparation work must be carried out, including various polishing steps, to achieve a perfect and renewed surface. This amount of labor naturally affects the final price.

For a new car just out of the dealership, the preparation work will be less demanding. A decontaminating wash will be performed to ensure the removal of impurities from the body, followed by a single polishing step to remove any waxes or other protective products used by dealers that may compromise the effectiveness of the nanotechnological product.


Average cost of nanotechnological treatments for cars

Nanotechnology application on a white car

Dividing the car fleet between new vehicles, just out of the dealership, and vehicles with kilometers, DettaglioAuto proposes the following solution.

Let’s consider the most purchased and interesting nanotechnological treatment Body and Exterior Plastics Protection Package:

New cars: starting price from €700

Used cars: starting price from €1050

Of course, the price increases based on the size of the vehicle. If you want to discover the price for your car, we recommend visiting our dedicated page.

As can be seen from the price difference, the cost of the treatment is lower if the car is new compared to a used one. This is because the Detailer, when dealing with a used car, must consider that more labor time and products will be needed in various decontamination and polishing steps to bring the body to a mirror-like finish before the application of the nanotechnological product.

Comparison between different protections: PPF protective film, nanoceramic protection, and waxing

Below is a table that compares the three protective systems

Table of protective services for carsFrom the following table, it can be deduced that nanotechnological treatment is an excellent ally to protect your vehicle, much more effective than a simple waxing.

Of course, the most comprehensive protection is the Paint Protection Film (PPF), which also protects against stone-chips, scratches and impacts from gravel.

If you are interested in exploring this type of protection further, we recommend visiting the post dedicated to the application of protective film on a Bentley.

Finding reliable providers of nanotechnological treatments is crucial

It’s important to locate trustworthy car care centers capable of offering quality services. We suggest searching for companies with a solid reputation in the industry and experience in providing high-quality treatments.

You can find providers of nanotechnology treatments through online searches, customer reviews, and personal recommendations. Once you find what interests you, make sure to inquire about the application process, the products used, what is included in the service, and trust the company that conveys the most confidence and transparency.

If you want to know what our DettaglioAuto customers say, you can find our Google reviews here.

How to maintain nanotechnological treatment over time?

A professional detailer, once the nanotechnological treatment is applied to your car, will provide useful tips to maintain the achieved result.

DettaglioAuto advises its customers to steam wash the car when necessary through our Express Washing service and to perform Nano-detailing washes every 4-5 months to maintain the lasting hydrophobic effect. Our customers who have undergone our nanotechnological protection treatment are offered a loyalty discount.

Steam car wash

If the customer prefers to wash the car themselves, we recommend handwashing with water and mild soap. We DISCOURAGE:

  • Using tunnel car washes or pressure washers
  • Aggressive chemical products
  • Using damaged or dirty brushes on the car

In conclusion: Weighing the costs and benefits of nanotechnological treatments for cars

Nanotechnology treatments for cars offer lasting protection and a perfect aesthetic appearance to your vehicle. However, it’s essential to consider the costs associated with these treatments before making a decision.

Carefully evaluate the advantages of nanotechnology treatments offered by different companies: What protections does their nanotechnological product offer? What is the duration of protection? What is included in the service? How is the car prepared? How to maintain it?

DettaglioAuto also recommends protecting your new cars immediately, without waiting, as the cost of nanotechnological treatment on a used car increases significantly, as demonstrated in the previous paragraphs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to give your car lasting protection and an immaculate appearance while maintaining its value over time.


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Nanotechnological treatment on a black Audi Q8Nanotechnological treatment on a black Audi Q8