Through time car paint tends to get scratched or ruined because of different reasons: atmospheric agents, polluting agents, chemical products, inappropriate washes, stones, mud, uv rays… all these deteriorate the paint  and make it rough. However, the car body can get back to its original appearance thanks to our professional car polishing service.

The steps of the service:

  • Nano-detailing car wash, it gets rid of all the contaminant agents: limestone, ferrous residues, rust, tar and other substances that make the car body and wheels surface matte and rough.
  • Car masking
  • 3 polishing steps:

HARD CUT 0°: Highly abrasive paste to remove the deepest scratches.
GLOSS CUT 1°: Abrasive paste to remove small scratches and at the same time to guarantee a great polishing result.
DEEP GLOSS 2°: It gets rid of halos and small scratches, it offers a deeper color to the car paint and a shiny effect.

  • Waxing, manual application of our super protective wax for paints
  • PRO WAX 3°: it guarantees a long lasting effect and it is water repellent. It creates a thin but strong film which protects the surface from atmospheric and polluting agents. It nourishes and restores the surface, protecting the brightness and depth of the color. (Minimum duration: 4/6 months).
  • Tire Black or Tire Gloss The first one guarantees a matte finish and the second one a glossy and shiny effect.
  • Plastic Restorer application to renovate the color and nourish the material.
  • From €485

The detailer’s advice

  • How to maintain our professional car polishing service?
    We suggest booking an Express Car Wash for the exterior of your car every 2 months.
  • Would you like to get a longer protection?
    Read more about our Nanoceramic protection service (minimum duration ⅔ years).
    1. it guarantees paint protection against atmospheric and polluting agents, organic and inorganic acids
    2. it gives higher protection against superficial scratches
    3. it reduces the wash time and it eases the maintenance and cleaning thanks to its hydro-oleophobic and antistatic features
    4. it improves the car appearance over time and it gives a silky surface effect

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