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Car wash is an essential service for Italians. According to a market analysis carried out by “2017 European Car Wash Consumer Study” dell’International Carwash Association (ICA)” shows that for them the car wash is an “essential part of the car maintenance” and they have an “high level of trust on the benefits of a professional service”. But what about the steam car wash system?

Car wash is constantly growing

This analysis also shows the incredible growth of the car washes. In 2011 there were 5.248 car washes and in only 5 years they became 6.845. A growth of 30.4% that confirms the relevance of this service. The italian region with the highest increase is Lazio that in 2011 there were 480 car washes and after 5 years 975. A growth of 103.1%.

During that period no region decreased in this sector and this is because we have a constantly growing demand on that market. Moreover Italy is the European country with the highest ratio between cars and people: 62,4 cars every 100 people.

Car body steam car wash

Is this a threat to our planet?

The owners of car washes are happy for this growth, but it’s good to point out that there is a serious danger about the waste of water. In fact to wash a car they use 150 liters of water and 100 grams of chemical products.

According to a survey carried out by Autopromotec, Italians wash their car in average 3 times a year. Given that in Italy there are 37.857.238 cars, in a year we use an average of over 17 billions cubic meters of water and 11 thousand tons of chemical products to wash our vehicles. A wastefulness that damages our planet.

Car body steam car wash

How the steam car wash can help?

To help our planet we have to flank a new solution with a limitless growth. The steam car wash is the solution for the future! Having a look at the datas, it’s clear how this system is less invasive than the common one.

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The steam car wash uses only 2 liters of water and our biodegradable products will substitute the chemical ones. Within a year we will be able to save an average of 16 billions cubic meters of water and all the 11 thousand tons of chemical products. We have to turn the traditional car wash into steam car wash to stop this useless waste. Here’s our solutions to change the future.