DettaglioAuto is the first company in Italy to have designed equipment and products dedicated to the car steam cleaning. Moreover, thanks to our experience in this sector, we have developed complete solutions which include all the necessary for the total satisfaction of the customer needs: steam machines, detergents, microfiber clothes, brushes, accessories and so on…  



The steam cleaners ​09EVO series ​are ​manufactured in Italy and offer 2 years of warranty! The features and characteristics of this steam equipment are the result of more than 10 years of experience in the specific field of car steam cleaning and detailing. Our machines can be functional in all the environments and for this reason they are perfect also for jobs “on spot”.

The keyword which can easily describe the design of our machines is “simplicity”, so this allows the operator to easily realize the machine working principles.

Following this concept, we studied 2 patented solutions: 

  • Connection Device between the steam unit and the wet&dry unit. This helps the maneuverability as well as working even in narrow areas. When needed, the two units can be used independently. Patent N° 1421420 (available at all 09EVO series)
  • LED light on the steam handles of the steam hoses, for both interior and exterior car detail cleaning. Very important feature for applications where the maximum accuracy in the details is required. It ensures great visibility, especially when it happens us to work in poorly illuminated areas and it prevents the risk of leaving spots or dirt. Patent N° 1421719 (available as optional at all 09EVO series)

It is important to realize that in the car steam cleaning, steam itself has to have precise features: It doesn’t have to be too humid or too dry, the steam regulation is fundamental according to the treated surface. So it is really important to know how to use it otherwise the risk to create irreparable damages is high.


Our interest in ecology and health has made us concerned in developing a range of rapidly biodegradable and non-allergenic detergents, specific for the AUTOMOTIVE field. In particular, for DETTAGLIOAUTO STEAM services.  

The DETTAGLIOAUTO detergent products are realized according to the strictest standards of Good Environmental Choice (Bra Miljöval) released by the Swedish Institute for the Conservation of Nature.

The energy used for their production entirely comes from renewable sources and their tanks are produced with 70% recycled plastic.


The essentials are those products that cannot be omitted for the execution of the DETTAGLIOAUTO services. We have selected the best available in the market as concerns microfiber cloth, brushes, sprayers and other cosmetic products.