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Welcome to our guide dedicated to DettaglioAuto’s car detailing business franchising, a unique opportunity in the automotive sector promising to combine innovation, training, and support for entrepreneurial success. DettaglioAuto stands as a benchmark in the automotive detailing sector, offering affiliates a well-established business model and advanced tools to tackle the challenges of the ever-evolving automotive market.

Advantages of Our Innovative Car Detailing Business

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What sets DettaglioAuto apart is its innovative technique in automotive detailing and its environmentally friendly approach. Through a unique combination of expertise and cutting-edge technological solutions, we deliver detailing services that ensure impeccable and long-lasting results.


At DettaglioAuto, we believe in the importance of customer satisfaction while respecting the environment. Our innovative method of steam interior renewal and washing allows us to achieve both goals. Steam, combined with our specific detergents, penetrates surfaces, dissolving any type of dirt. Our injection and extraction machine then vacuum everything, leaving a perfectly clean and renewed surface. This technique not only guarantees optimal results but also helps save significant amounts of water and avoids the use of harsh chemicals. A traditional automatic wash consumes an average of about 150 liters per car, while our method requires only 2 liters of water combined with our fully biodegradable solutions.

interior steam renovation

DettaglioAuto is also distinguished by the quality of services offered, as evidenced by our Google reviews, and the comprehensiveness of the treatments provided: we offer all the car detailing services necessary to keep your car in perfect condition over time. From interior to exterior washing and engine cleaning, from minor interior repairs to headliner replacements, from polishing to nanotechnological protections or PPF.

ppf installament of our car detailing business

DettaglioAuto’s Vision

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Our vision is to become a leader in the automotive detailing sector, offering high-quality services that exceed customer expectations. We are driven by a passion for cars and a commitment to excellence, values that permeate every aspect of our operations. With a consolidated network of continuously expanding affiliates, we aim to create an ecosystem of entrepreneurs who share our vision and our quality standards, all while considering the environment. All our services aim to maintain cars over time, preserving their aesthetic appearance and extending their lifespan, while also protecting them to reduce the number of washes needed to keep them clean, thus reducing water and chemical consumption.

We would like to expand our business worldwide, that is why we are seeking investors and entrepreneurs ready to help us grow our brand in other country. Do you think you might be interested? Contact us at +39 3407064680, also on WhatsApp, or fill out the following form!

What Does Our Car Detailing Business Franchise Include?

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DettaglioAuto offers a comprehensive package of benefits for its affiliates, ensuring them the best opportunities for growth and success in the industry. Our affiliation includes two options to allow entrepreneurs to adapt their business to the specific needs of the local market, maximizing opportunities for success:

  1. Point of sales/Center
    Open a DettaglioAuto branded store to offer exclusive, professional, and quality services exclusively in your area.
    A POS of our car detailing business
  2. Corner
    If you already have a business in the automotive sector, such as a dealership, tire shop, inspection center, body shop, etc. Through this option, DettaglioAuto gives you the opportunity to expand your range of services by retaining existing customers or acquiring new ones. Dedicate a corner of your premises to car washing and aesthetic care treatments, recommended space 6×4 meters.
    a corner of our car detailing business

Once you have chosen which of the two options best suits your needs, below are the inclusions of our car franchising package:

  • Training Course: We invest in the training of our affiliates, offering in-depth courses taught by industry experts. Our training programs cover all aspects of automotive detailing, from cleaning and polishing techniques to customer service protocols, ensuring that our affiliates are perfectly prepared to provide high-quality services and meet the needs of the most demanding customers.
    polishing course of our car detailing business
  • Complete Kit: After the first week of the course, you will be provided with a complete kit of machinery and all the products and accessories necessary to perform all the services for which you have been trained. You will also receive some furnishing elements to shape your Center or Corner, such as signs, work furniture, specialized flooring, etc…
  • Advertising: We actively support our affiliates with targeted advertising campaigns and personalized marketing strategies on social media. Furthermore, through our SEO efforts, we continuously strive to improve our presence on Google.
  • Exclusive Territory: Each DettaglioAuto affiliate receives an exclusive territorial zone, ensuring them protection from direct competition and creating long-term growth opportunities. This business model encourages the building of strong customer relationships and consolidates the presence of the DettaglioAuto brand in the territory.

However, if you are interested in starting this business in a country that is not Italy, there are other aspects that need to be considered. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact us at +39 3407064680, also on WhatsApp, or fill out the following form!

How much does it cost to join a Car Franchise?

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In general, all franchise activities include an entry fee to be paid once and royalties that can be calculated in different ways. In the case of DettaglioAuto Car Detailing Business, we have an entry fee whose price varies depending on the Center or Corner option chosen and a fixed monthly royalty, independent of your turnover!

For detailed cost information, contact us at +39 3407064680, also on WhatsApp, or fill out the following form!

Conclusion: Why DettaglioAuto Car Detailing Business is the Best Choice?

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In conclusion, DettaglioAuto Car Detailing Business  represents a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs in the automotive sector to achieve success with a proven formula, complete support, and a trusted brand. If you are ready to embark on a path to success in the automotive detailing world, do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about becoming a DettaglioAuto affiliate and joining our network of successful entrepreneurs.