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Have you noticed that your car’s roof is detached? Unsure of how to fix it? Don’t worry, there is a solution. The only effective method to address this problem is through complete replacement of the headliner fabric.

DettaglioAuto offers a range of fabrics to choose from, with different materials and textures, allowing you to either restore the original style of your headliner or customize it to your liking! Many of our customers, for example, have opted to change the color from gray to black.

esempio tetto auto scollato golf

Prices for Repairing a Detached Car Roof

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The prices for replacing a detached car roof are around €350, with slight variations depending on:

  • the material and color of fabric chosen to replace the previous one
  • the size of the headliner

Repair Process at DettaglioAuto for a Detached Car Roof

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The repair process for a detached car roof requires specific skills:

  • It starts with the complete disassembly of the headliner, a delicate process that must be performed by experienced hands. A small movement error could result in the breaking of screws and hooks of the headliner.
  • Once the detached car roof is disassembled, the removal of the old, unusable fabric follows.
  • After removing the fabric, the rigid part of the headliner will be exposed. The technicians will now remove all the old, dried glue with the help of specific brushes.
    tetto auto senza tessuto con colla vecchia
  • After thoroughly cleaning the surface, preparation of a new glue follows, which our technicians will then apply to the headliner.
  • The new fabric is then applied.
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  • Once fully adhered, cuts are made in line with the headliner’s slots for elements such as lights.
    esempio di taglio per area luci sul cielo
  • Finally, once perfectly dry, the headliner is mounted back in place.
    tetto auto scollato perfettamente sostituito

This work takes about 3 working days!

Changing Car Headliner: Fabrics and Colors

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DettaglioAuto offers a wide range of choices to allow you to replace the original headliner fabric with the same color, or customize it as you prefer by selecting from our various materials and colors:

tessuti per cielo auto tessuti per cielo auto


Outcome of Replacing a Detached Car Roof

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Being a replacement rather than a repair job, this service guarantees impeccable results; the headliner will look like new. No cuts or marks will be visible, the headliner will appear smooth and uniform as if it just came out of the dealership.

Conclusion: Fixing Your Car’s Headliner is Possible!

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Dealing with a detached car roof requires attention and skill, but with the right solution, you can restore the appearance and functionality of your vehicle. Complete replacement of the headliner fabric, offered by DettaglioAuto, proves to be the most effective and durable choice.

With a wide range of fabrics and colors available, you can personalize your car’s roof according to your tastes and preferences. After about 3-4 working days, your car roof will be as good as new, without any signs of the previous detachment. Invest in the safety and aesthetics of your vehicle with DettaglioAuto, for traveling with peace of mind and style.

Contact us at +39 3470362032 or fill out the form at our contact page, our team will get back to you ASAP.