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You’ve just purchased your new BMW M4 and you want to protect it from accidental scratches? We have the perfect solution for you: our Paint Protection Film (PPF) application service.

PPF is a transparent coating applied to your car’s bodywork to protect it from damage caused by accidental scratches, stone chip impacts (the classic hood stone chips), paint deterioration from bird droppings, aggressive chemicals, and UV radiation.

Thanks to this service, your BMW M4 will have complete protection and an impeccable appearance that won’t go unnoticed.

Our qualified technicians will take care of applying the PPF, ensuring you a high-quality result with a ten-year warranty.

What is PPF and its benefits?

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PPF Installation on BMW M4 hoodPaint Protection Film (PPF) is a transparent film applied to all exterior painted parts of the car, as well as internal parts such as glossy painted areas, the so-called “piano black” surfaces, and displays. PPF is made of thermoplastic polyurethane, a highly durable material resistant to abrasions and chemical agents. Additionally, through its self-healing property, the film is able to repair itself under a heat source, eliminating scratches and micro-scratches, even simply by leaving the car exposed to the sun.

Here are its main advantages:

  • Protection against scratches and superficial damage
  • Resistance to scratches from impacts with road debris and gravel
  • Protection from UV rays, weather elements, and pollutants that can fade the paint
  • Super hydrophobicity improves water runoff, facilitating washing for lasting cleanliness
  • Maintaining the car’s original appearance over time
  • Enhancing the car’s resale value
  • The PPF is guaranteed for 10 years

Our latest PPF service on a BMW M4

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We recently performed our latest PPF (Paint Protection Film) application service on a BMW M4 Competition. The customer chose our Shield film with a super glossy transparent finish and opted for our complete protection package, which includes applying the PPF on all external painted elements. Additionally, upon our suggestion, they decided to protect the important internal display with the film as well.

PPF Installation on BMW M4 hoodPPF Installation on BMW M4 interior touch screen

It’s an investment that the owner chose to make to keep their BMW M4 always looking perfect and new, just like when they first picked it up from the dealership.

Why is it essential to protect prestigious cars, like the BMW M4, with PPF?

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The BMW M4 is a prestigious sports car, protecting its bodywork is essential to preserve its value and impeccable appearance over time. PPF offers complete protection against scratches, road debris, gravel, and other agents that could damage the bodywork. In addition to this fundamental aspect, PPF facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the car by drastically reducing the number of washes thanks to its hydrophobic property.

Protecting a prestigious car like the BMW M4 allows preserving the original paintwork of the car, maintaining its high resale value over time.

How does PPF protect against stone chips and scratches?

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swirls and scratches on black car bodystone chips on balck car body

The PPF works as a real shield for the car’s bodywork; it can absorb the impact of stones, road debris, and other objects that could cause damage. Thanks to its impact resistance and self-healing capabilities, the PPF can protect the car’s paint from scratches and superficial marks, thus maintaining a flawless surface.

Application process of PPF on the BMW M4

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This type of service needs to be carried out in a closed and clean environment to work at room temperature and avoid any contamination during the film application process.

Below are the main steps of the process performed on the BMW M4:

  1. As the first step, we thoroughly washed the car using a decontaminating wash to remove any traces of dirt.
  2. Then, we dried the vehicle and prepared the surface by applying a specific product that ensures optimal adhesion of the film.
  3. Using a plotter (a machine used in this case to cut shapes based on digital data provided by a computer), we pre-cut the film into the exact model shapes of the BMW M4, allowing us to work safely and reducing the use of knives on the car.
  4. We then applied all the pre-cuts to the vehicle using a soapy solution.
  5. Finally, we sealed all the edges of the film by heating them with a heat gun.

PPF Installation BMW M4 left fenderPPF installation

The PPF application process is a professional procedure that must be carried out by industry experts to ensure a lasting and high-quality result.

Maintenance and care of the PPF

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The PPF film is relatively easy to maintain thanks to its hydrophobic property. DettaglioAuto customers who have opted for one of our PPF protective film packages are entitled to a discount on our car washing services.

Steam car wash on a car hoodWe recommend washing the car once a month using our Express Wash service and once every 4 months performing our Nano Detailing maintenance wash, a more thorough wash where we reintegrate the hydrophobic property using our specific product, also useful for maintaining all the other properties of the film.

dettaglioauto car detergentIf you prefer to wash the car yourself, we recommend using a gentle detergent with a soft glove. Harsh detergents or tools are not necessary as dirt does not adhere to the film. Additionally, if using a pressure washer, it is possible to do so at a distance of no less than 30 cm from the edges of the film to avoid lifting it due to excessive pressure.

What is the recommended package for a car like a BMW M4?

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If you’ve just purchased a BMW M4 or the car of your dreams, we recommend choosing one of our protective packages based on your needs:

If our packages don’t meet your needs, customized quotes are available upon request.

Is it worth protecting vehicles like the BMW M4 with PPF?

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Protecting a sports car or any prestigious vehicle like a BMW M4 with PPF is a beneficial investment to preserve the beauty and value of your car over time. With our PPF application service, you can enjoy the peace of mind of driving your BMW M4 without fear of damaging it. Contact us to discover how we can protect your car with our PPF service.

Contact us to discover more about how to protect your car with PPF.
Applicazione pellicola PPF completa su BMW M4