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Would you like to perform a professional polishing service to achieve an incredible result? Well, in order to become a professionist you need to have two things: technique and high quality products. For what concerns the first one you need to achieve it through experience and formation. How? You can enter the DettaglioAuto affiliation program. But, if this is not what you are looking for, you can rely on our DettaglioAuto services performed by qualified car detailer experts.Are you already a detailer? Check out the following DettaglioAuto products and discover their advantages.

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Car body wash and decontamination

Before starting the polishing process, it is important to properly wash the car body and rims (we suggest our complete exterior steam car wash). We use our specific Vapor Brill detergent. Once completed the car washes step, we can proceed with the decontamination of  the car body and rims. Here follow our exclusive products to properly decontaminate the surfaces.

  • Iron Remover – to get rid of ferrous residues
  • Acid Remover – to get rid of dirt like rust, ferrous and mineral residues, tar, limestone and sea salt
  • Tar & Glue Remover –  to get rid of tar, glue and resin

At the end of the decontamination step, rinse the surfaces.

DettaglioAuto car polishing products line

Car body polishing

Once we prepared the car, we can start the polishing phase through our products:

  • Hard Cut N°0a high abrasive past for a first efficient step to get rid of scratches and important sandpaper scratched (P1200-P2000). It can be used on either old or brand new car paintings.
  • Gloss Cut N°1abrasive and polishing paste just with one step. Useful on surfaces that are not particularly damaged and on sandpaper scratches like P15000-P3000.
  • Deep Gloss N°2It makes the paint color stand out, it donates depth to it and a shiny finish. It can remove slight opacities, halos and sandpaper scratches like P4000-P5000, and micro-scratches.

Once we completed all these 3 steps, we can start the last one using our Pro Wax N°3. It guarantees a long lasting protection thanks to its hydrophobic feature. It protects the car body from atmospheric agent, UVrays, Pollution, vegetal resins and it donated brightness. Moreover, the pint will be nourished, allowing the paint color to shine.

Gloss Cut paste applicatin on a pad

Tires dark black finish

A professional service can’t be considered completed without a shine effect on the tires. We offer two products that protect them against atmospheric agents. You can choose between:

  • Tire Black – for a shiny or matte finish and a long lasting dark black effect
  • Tire Gloss – for a long lasting ultra-shiny finish

Visit our shop to discover all our exclusive car detailing products, or contact us to book a polishing service.