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If you have a passion for car detailing you have already heard about PPF application. But, let’s see what it is exactly and why it is so helpful to protect your vehicle.

PPF – Paint Protection Film – is a transparent layer realized out of Thermoplastic Polyurethane, a material with high resistance against abrasions and chemical substances.

PPF application on car bodies is a real shield against damages caused by rubbles, scratches and all the things that can damage the car interior and exterior surfaces. Moreover, it protects the vehicle from corrosive substances, organic and inorganic acids, polluting agents and UV rays.

Thanks to the latest technological updates, all our SCUDO films are self-repairing through sun heat or, for example,through a dryer. Maintaining itself over the years.

Moreover, thanks to ist hydrophobic property, it improves water runoff for longer-lasting cleaning, reducing the frequency of washes, and making maintenance easier.

Our SCUDO films are highly resistant and long-lasting. Actually, we give a 10 year warranty.

Why should you protect your car with PPF?

According to us PPF is a must when buying a brand new car, since it works like a real shield  that maintains the car’s appearance and  value over time. This allows you to enjoy your rides without the worry of damaging it.

DettaglioAuto PPF application packages

We offer a large selection of packages and we will help you choosing the one that fits you the most:

  • Semi Front Pack
  • Full Front Pack
  • Complete Pack
  • Interior Protection Pack

Discover more on our dedicated page or contact us for a quotation!