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With the term car detailing we refer to a series of techniques of sanitization, polishing and protection of the car body. The purpose is to bring the original appearance of the vehicle back. It is not just a deep cleaning, it is a detailed care of the car interiors and exteriors thanks to which we can repair superfical damages and protect the car body with high quality and specific products.

In the past the car detailing was an exclusive service in car dealerships or in any other activity in the car sector. But nowadays, it’s a thriving business thanks to the higher demand of this service among car lovers. As a consequence, more and more people started to specialize in car detailing, offering services on the spot, in a small corner in their point of sale or in a dedicated shop.

But, in order to fully understand what car detailing is, let’s see the main services that it includes

Car body wash and polishing

The traditional automatic car wash does not offer a satisfying result. In the car detailing we prefer using steam, which allows to reach every detail on the car body and to get rid of all the drt.the rims get back to shine again and the tires are brought back to their original deep black color thanks to our specific products. The car body is then decontaminated and protected with a specific wax.

Moreover, thanks to our 3 steps polishing we get rid of small catches, swirls, halos and other small flaws, bringin back the car brand new original appearance-

Even its headlights get back to their original appearance, we get rid of the yellow halo by scraping the surface and with the polycarbonate recrystallization.

interior car detailing with a soft brush

Interior car wash

The car interior is firstly vacuumed, then it is steam washed and sanitized with the help of the ozone and other biodegradable and non allergenic products. Each surface of any kind of material (plastic fabric, leather)  gets back to its original aèpperancf.

Moreover, the car ceiling can be repaired, we replace the damaged fabric with a new one. It is also possible to take care of small damages like cracks,  cuts and burnings, on the car seats, steering wheel, armrests and other parts.

Nanotechnology and car detailing

Nanotechnology services are a huge plus to your business. They are available for car’s interiors and exteriors and they guarantee a maximum protection of the surfaces and materials from scratches, dirt, natural aging, UV rays…

exterior car detailing with the application of a cream on a wheel

Car engine cleaning

A complete car detailing service takes care also of the engine cleaning. This underestimated treatment offers actually many advantages during the car sale but also it’s very useful to identify problems  more easily and more quick.y. the engine is cleaned with steam, then it is well dried with the help of microfiber conclude, we apply a specific products to renew all the plastic parts.

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