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As time goes by everything and everyone gets older, your car too – its appearance will change because of time and many damages will appear on its surfaces. For what concerns the interiors, our smart repair services on the car interiors will help in renovating any kind of surface, such as leather, plastic and fabric. Why? to feel again the same emotions you felt the first time you drove it.Let’s go see all the things that can be fixed thanks to out car interior repairs.

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What can be repaired in the car interiors?”

Car interiors can be damaged for different reasons such as: dirt, cuts, cigarette burns, scratches…or even because of its natural aging of materials. Thanks to our smart repair services we are able to fix damaged parts or replace them or renovate them through our Interior renovation and sanitization service.Moreover, you can protect your interiors (fabric, leather and plastic) over time, thanks to our specific nanotechnology protections, like our Textile Nano Coat and Interior Nano Coat. These products will create a superficial transparent layer with anti-stain and anti-bacteria features and hydro and oleo-phobic. Our nano coats protect the surfaces also against UV rays and hot temperatures thanks to its ability to reflect infrared rays, thus reducing the heat absorption.Car interior repairs of a cigarette burn on a seat

Car interior repairs: what can be used to renovate the plastic parts?”

Also plastic parts tend to get ruined over time, for example the plastic area on the doors that get scratched or present white line, or the steering wheel.In most cases these elements can be renovated thanks to products like our Plastic Restorer, which renovate the color and material of the surfaces.More info? Contact us!