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Full protection service with Paint Protection Film (PPF) for this Porsche 911 Turbo. Following our high-quality standards, we’ve shielded this iconic sports car. Thanks to our PPF with a glossy finish, not only did we protect the vehicle, but we also enhanced the body color, making it deeper and more shiny.

Explore what our complete PPF protection package includes and its benefits through our latest work.

Introduction to PPF (Paint Protection Film)

Application of PPF on a carPPF is a transparent film made of Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU). It’s highly resistant to scratches from debris and gravel impact. Additionally, its high hydrophobic effect protects the paint from natural deterioration due to weather, pollutants, insects, acids, and resins. An essential feature is its self-healing property; if scratched, it can auto-repair through sunlight heat.

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Complete PPF Package – Applying the Film to a Porsche 911

Here, we’ll explain the processing steps:

Thorough Washing

We used our decontaminating wash to remove all dirt, including stubborn residues like iron, glue, tar, rust, and resins.

Precise Polishing

During the previous washing step we noticed an hydrophobic effect on the body surface, in fact we called the client who confirmed that there has been a previous nanotechnological treatment.
After having masked the car we proceed with the polishing removing the nanoceramic layer, that could hinder film adhesion, and correct some imperfections for a perfectly uniform and mirror like surface.

Body Preparation for PPF

Body cleaning with our specific product to remove any remaining polishing paste residuals, ensuring smooth film application.

PPF application

After surface readiness, we applied protective film using a soapy solution to activate the film adhesive.

Finishing Touch

Once PPF was applied, we sealed edges and thoroughly inspected for any imperfection like raised areas or air bubbles. This step is time-consuming but crucial for delivering maximum quality and long lasting protection.

Soap solution to activate the adhesive of the PPFApplication of PPF (Paint Protection Film) on the car

Advantages of PPF:


  • Hydrophobic
  • Anti-scratch and stone-chips
  • Self-healing
  • Non-yellowing
  • Chemical-resistant
  • Enhanced color brilliance
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Longevity and warranty

Nowadays, protective film is the most comprehensive protection available, acting as an effective and durable shield while enhancing the vehicle’s aesthetics.

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Comparison Before and After Porsche 911 with PPF

Difference between the PPF applied on a part of the bodywork and a part without PPFTo fully appreciate PPF effectiveness, compare the before and after application on the Porsche 911 Turbo. Before, the vehicle faced common risks like scratches, swirls, stones, and road debris, leading to paint wear and discoloration from weather and pollutants.

After protective film application, the Porsche 911 Turbo transformed. The paint surface became smooth, protected, and flawless, achieving a showroom-like brilliance. The color became more intense and vibrant, thanks to our glossy finish protective film.

Now, the client can enjoy his vehicle, maintaining its impeccable appearance over time, without worrying about scratches or paint damage. PPF provides long-lasting protection and adds value to your vehicle, preserving its integrity and resale value.

Maintenance and Warranty of PPF



Application of PPF on Porsche 911To ensure maximum PPF benefits over time, follow some recommendations for proper maintenance and cleaning. A PPF-covered car is easier to keep clean, experiencing less dirt accumulation due to its hydrophobic effect, reducing the need for frequent washing.

DettaglioAuto recommends customers to steam wash when necessary through our Express Wash service. Additionally, perform Nano Detailing Wash  Maintenance every 4 months, averaging 3 washes per year.

Nano Detailing helps restore the film’s hydrophobic function using our specific Nano protective product. DettaglioAuto customers who applied our protective film can enjoy exclusive discounts on our external washing services.

If customers prefer DIY washing, use mild soap and water, avoiding:

  • High-pressure lance car washes
  • Aggressive chemical products

Conclusion and Final Considerations on PPF

Applying PPF is an excellent investment for those wanting to protect their vehicle. Through our complete package, we ensure total protection and impeccable finishing.

Through our complete package, we ensure total protection and impeccable finishing. Choosing protective film means taking the best care of your vehicle, preserving its appearance and resale value. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how PPF can protect your car and enhance your driving experience. We’re here to meet your needs and provide the highest level of quality and service.

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Application of PPF on Porsche 911